The preferred behavioral data platform for subscription businesses

Take control of your behavioral data and leverage it to drive product usage and retention.

Get the full picture from first visit to subscription and product usage

Stitch user journeys from first touch and product usage to churn and recovery to achieve a unified customer view across your marketing website, product applications, blog, support desk systems, and more to understand the user experience end to end ensuring you acquire and retain the right customers.

Maximize the value of your subscribers

With Snowplow you get next-level data granularity. Explore product usage in detail and pinpoint behavioral signals from your subscribers that indicate they’re ready for an upsell. Leverage your behavioral data to power dynamic, propensity based pricing options so you don’t leave money on the table.

Understand and drive user actions that support usage and conversion

Build granular customer funnels to unlock value for marketing and product teams so they can evolve the experience and product to maximize conversion and product usage. Equip them with the granular behavioral data they need to make a difference.

Be smart about your acquisition strategy

Minimize the time it takes to recover your cost of user acquisition by learning from previous customer acquisition activities and use this data in real time to inform and fine tune your acquisition strategy. Empower your marketing team to allocate the budget it needs to acquire high-value customers.

Design your own churn propensity model and evolve it as you learn

Snowplow’s rich event-level data lets you observe individual user paths in detail to pinpoint where users lose interest making it easier to take the right actions to prevent churn. Aggregate behavior across end users to predict your product’s stickiness and churn, and evolve it with Snowplow’s flexible tracking framework.

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