Create the data you need to power your breakthrough

Unlock AI and advanced analytics—right from your own data warehouse, lake, or lakehouse.

Create more valuable data

Unlock transformative AI and advanced analytics with rich behavioral data that’s created, modeled, and fit for purpose.

Power unlimited applications

Use one data set for everything. Take ownership of your data and easily evolve it to meet your future needs with a dynamic schema.

Ensure data compliance

Reduce regulatory risk, with policy at the edge to ensure data is only used and shared in ways that are consistent with how it was collected.

What is Data Creation?

To get the most from advanced analytics and AI, you need rich, contextual data of the best quality. Yet today, data experts typically source their data from the exhaust of other systems, or merge silos of data into a common structure – the beginning of a complex data preparation process.

As the leader in Data Creation, Snowplow enables you to create, consume, and maintain an end-to-end data language across your business, with a common data schema that can be modeled for BI and AI, streamed for real-time applications, and enriched with third-party data and systems.

Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform

A first-party, privacy-compliant data creation platform within your cloud infrastructure. With trusted SLAs and a managed backplane, you can drive data creation at scale.

Open Source

Used on more than 1.7 million websites, and by more than 10,000 organizations to create fit for purpose data, Snowplow’s developer-first engine is the world’s leading open source project for data creation.

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Drive business value with the data you create

Why Snowplow?

Trusted by tens of thousands of organizations around the world, Snowplow solves today’s most complex data challenges.

We help you create granular behavioral data in your own cloud—so you can create the richest possible data asset and use it to power advanced analytics and AI.

Scale data collection

Scale and evolve your data creation practice with governance, quality management, and collaboration tooling.

Deliver high-quality data

Power complex use cases with the highest-quality behavioral data set, delivered to your streams, lake, and warehouse.

Productionize your use cases

Take data-driven use cases to production with confidence. Snowplow delivers compliance and security peace-of-mind, underpinned with SLAs for resilience at scale.

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