Snowplow ‘Outperforms’ GA4 in GigaOm Comparative Evaluation.
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Create first-party customer data in real time to power next-gen digital analytics and customer engagement


Snowplow’s Behavioral Data Platform (BDP) enables you to create and operationalize rich, first-party customer behavioral data to fuel advanced data-driven use cases – directly from your data warehouse or data lake in real-time.

Customize your own event and entity definitions

Deploy privately to your own cloud for full data ownership

Model data for AI, BI, and real-time streaming, or enrich with third-party data

Leverage Data Product Accelerators to drive value faster

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Create rich, unified customer profiles with out-of-the box identity resolution


Unlock the power of behavioral data across industries


Harness granular behavioral data to create unified, accurate, and predictive customer profiles in your data warehouse, lake, or CDP 

Develop custom attribution models
Make real-time content recommendations
Predict customer behavior and lifetime value
Measure and map customer journeys
Analyze content and editorial
Forecast sales and optimize media spend


Enhance your product experience and optimize for conversion, usage, and retention

Understand the complete customer lifecycle
Personalize the product experience in real time
Create a true test and learn environment
Consume data in your preferred BI tools
Design, own, and evolve churn propensity and retention models
Adapt your tracking design and data


Strava drives a culture of continuous improvement with self-serve behavioral data

4 billion events collected and processed per day

Analyst and product teams self-serve the data they need

More time for data engineers to focus on innovation

“We would not have achieved our current level of self-serve data without Snowplow. It has enabled us to democratize our data culture, significantly improving our analytics coverage and deepening our insights.”



A first-party, privacy-compliant behavioral data platform

  • A first-party, privacy-compliant behavioral data platform

    Securely share, manage, and evolve data from the console and APIs
    Use tools to automatically alert on new data quality issues
    Set up and monitor your data pipeline using an intuitive UI
    Diagnose and resolve data quality issues with structured workflows
  • Define and enforce policy on how data is created

    Generate data models using SDKs in a host of languages
    Deliver data to the data warehouse or lake of your choice
    Integrate with any destination with Google Tag Manager Server Side
    Monitor the delivery of your models in real-time, with SLAs
  • Enable easy data discovery and collaborate with built-in workflow tooling

    Use schema versioning to support data evolution with a Universal Data Language
    Enable easy data discovery and visualize events and entities with Tracking Catalog
    Deploy your data step-by-step with sandbox environments and QA workflows
    Set granular access controls and single-sign on
  • Comply with ever-changing regulations

    Choose our fully private SaaS option to retain data in your own cloud infrastructure
    Collect basis for tracking per event for easy, compliant data modeling
    Conduct end-to-end audits of your data pipeline to comply with regulations, such as HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA
    Define your data, set access controls, and understand why data is created
    Learn more about compliance

Deploy Snowplow BDP in a way that works for you

Start your journey with behavioral data

Snowplow BDP Cloud

A self-serve, hosted version opening access to advanced analytics and AI

35+ trackers and webhooks

Custom event and entities

Load to Redshift, Snowflake or Databricks on any cloud

Every event enriched with 130+ out-of-the-box properties

Identity resolution and data models for BI and AI-ready data in your warehouse

24/7 support

Create behavioral data at scale

Snowplow BDP Enterprise

BDP fully deployed in your own cloud with extra features and dedicated support

All of Snowplow BDP Cloud, plus:

Unlimited event volumes

Data modeling UI, data quality monitoring, and API

Dedicated Solutions Architects and ongoing support from our Customer Success team

Enterprise security features including SSO

Support for real-time streams and guaranteed latency SLAs

Start creating behavioral data today