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Introducing Snowplow Digital Analytics, Powered by Snowflake

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Today, Snowplow unveils Snowplow Digital Analytics, a new application for the Snowflake Data Cloud, enabling organizations to create first-party insights into the customer journey across websites and applications.

  • Snowplow Digital Analytics brings a native Digital Analytics application to the  Snowflake Data Cloud. Organizations can understand their customer journeys in real-time with granular first-party customer data streamed directly to the organization’s Data Cloud. 
  • Re-platforming Digital Analytics to Snowflake, Snowplow Digital Analytics enables organizations to maintain full transparency, ownership and control over the processing and privacy of their first-party users’ data.
  • The native application gives Marketing teams the core visualizations and reports of packaged Digital Analytics tools, delivered out-of-the-box with their existing visualization solutions on Snowflake. In addition to core insights across user behavior, acquisition and attribution, Data teams can now extend and enrich their user journey data in real-time to build Marketing Analytics and AI in Snowflake.

Digital Analytics is at a crossroads

Google Analytics (“GA”) has long been the industry standard for digital analytics, bringing self-serve analytics to the forefront. On July 1, 2023, the widely publicized sunsetting of Universal Analytics (“UA”) will take place. UA properties will no longer process new hits and users will only be able to access historic analysis from UA Properties. As a result, analytics practitioners must decide to either transition to Google Analytics 4 (“GA4”) or choose alternative solutions to augment or replace GA4 entirely. For organizations world-wide, this evaluation highlights a number of new and existing challenges when using GA4; 

  • Black-box obfuscation of data processing and attribution modeling
  • Uncertain legality and GDPR compliance posture
  • BigQuery and Google Cloud vendor lock-in for utilization of raw event data
  • A series of bugs and feature restrictions impacting ability to track behavior effectively.

If not Google Analytics 4, what are the alternatives?

There are many off-the-shelf packaged digital analytics alternatives to GA4, though for brands to outcompete their peers replacing a black- box analytics solution with another represents a missed opportunity and perpetuates underutilized and inaccessible data. 

Digital analytics is a core competency for consumer brands of all shapes and sizes, but off-the-shelf digital analytics solutions have failed to innovate beyond the market dominance of Google Analytics. 

At the heart of any digital analytics solution is web and mobile user journey data – providing invaluable intent signals for personalization, segmentation and propensity scoring. This user journey data is the foundation of Customer 360, formed with transactional data, demographic data and field marketing activity.

To create this Customer 360 foundation, Data teams with ambitions to outperform on analytics and AI, like Strava, DPG Media, Digital Virgo, have innovated beyond cookie-cutter UI and reporting on top of packaged digital analytics. Re-platforming Digital Analytics to the Snowflake Data Cloud, Data teams can accelerate first-party customer data use cases leveraging the flexibility, scalability, data science tooling and connected application ecosystem, enabling organizations to outperform on the most competitive use cases.

Introducing Snowplow Digital Analytics, Powered by Snowflake

Snowplow is trusted by 1.9+ million applications and websites. Delivering first-party customer data to a centralized Data Platform, Snowplow enables organizations to optimize customer acquisition and experience. Snowplow Digital Analytics takes this further, providing a modular, turnkey architecture of pre-built, Snowflake-native analytics components to accelerate time to first insight for Marketers and minimizing costly development cycles for Data teams.

Snowplow Digital Analytics, Powered By Snowflake presents two simple principles:

  • Empower organizations to create a scalable data foundation for MarTech and Data teams to build Customer 360 use cases
  • Deliver a user interface that makes it easy for end-users to access and develop insights at scale for customer acquisition, engagement, segmentation and retention

“Before Snowplow, we had Google Analytics 360 and our behavioral data was not available in real time in our Snowflake warehouse or in our AWS infrastructure. Snowplow opens up a world of possibilities for us.”


Snowplow Digital Analytics – Why is it different?

  • A real-time, AI-Ready first-party customer data foundation for Marketing Analytics, Customer 360 and AI
  • Compliance, Privacy and Data Protection by design, centralized in the Data Platform
  • Control, Transparency and Ownership over the entire customer data processing lifecycle 

How can Snowflake customers implement Snowplow Digital Analytics?

Snowflake customers can implement Snowplow Digital Analytics with the following workflow:

  • Implement first-party tracking across their networks of websites and connected applications 
  • Import historical data from Google Analytics 4 into Snowflake for immediate utilization
  • Deliver first-party customer behavioral data into Snowflake
  • Configure and schedule Snowplow’s pre-built Digital Analytics data models in Snowflake
  • Utilize turnkey visualization templates for Digital Analytics in PowerBI, Tableau, Preset (Superset), or natively in Snowflake via Streamlit
  • Build additional use cases in Snowflake with Snowplow’s Industry Solutions for Multi-touch Attribution Modeling, Next Best Action, Ecommerce Analytics and more

Get started today!

Head over to our solutions page to request a guided walkthrough.

Get started with Snowplow Digital Analytics, Powered By Snowflake today!

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