Digital Analytics, the Data Application to Understand & Analyze Customer Behavior

Build a complete and compliant understanding of customer behavior and campaign performance, in real-time directly from your warehouse or lake with our Digital Analytics Data Application.

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What Are Data Applications?

Data Applications are pre-built self-service analytics tools to unlock insight powered directly from your own warehouse or lake. Choose whether to use our pre-built data apps and visualizations or create your own.

Pre-built visualizations & reports

Access the Data Apps and pre-built visualizations  within the Snowplow platform.

Build your own

Access the underlying data tables to power your own visualizations directly.

User & Marketing Insights

User & Marketing Analytics, Powered From Your Warehouse

Access all the reports you’re familiar with from Google Analytics, but powered from your own
data warehouse or lake.

Understand how your users are being acquired and effectiveness of your different channels.

Measure engagement metrics over time and understand what customers are interacting with

See how and where users and customers are retained in your website, app or platform.

Funnel Builder

Understanding the Path to Conversion

Create custom funnels to analyze user progress and optimize conversion rates directly from your warehouse or lake. You can also use it to gain a deeper understanding of user counts, conversion rates, abandonment and completions at every stage of the funnel.

Use pre-built funnels out-of-the-box or create your own funnels

Auto generate SQL in an optimized way for cost-effective querying of your data from your warehouse

Save your funnel to share with other team members or alternatively download SQL query for future investigation

Attribution Modeling

Accurately Measure ROI & ROAS

Effectively refine your marketing spend by identifying which channels are converting new and existing customer most effectively.

Track for up to 2 years for accurate attribution of spend

First-party server set cookie and out-of-the-box identity resolution

First-touch, linear, positional and last-touch attribution methods

Coming Soon

Snowplow’s Digital Analytics Data Apps

Video Analytics

Gain insights into video content and ad performance. Understand high level metrics around performance or deep dive and with metrics such as audience and ad retention.

Retention Cohorts

Retention cohorts data applicaiton provides a powerful tool in understanding customer behavior, providing deep insights into the dynamics that drive users to actively engage with your platform and how this changes overtime. 

Path Analysis

Understand and optimize the complex paths that consumers take on their journey to convert. Evaluate the effectiveness of each touchpoint in influencing conversion.

Snowplow Features

Why Power Your Digital Analytics With Snowplow?

Scale your analytics further

Scale your analytics further with access to consistent structured and rich AI and BI-ready customer data that powers your data apps to build your own data applications and insight.

Respect customers privacy

Have complete ownership and control over where your data is processed and what data is collected from each customer with Private SaaS Deployment model and out-of-the-box real-time PII pseudonymization, cookieless or anonymous tracking

Complete cross-channel view of behavior

Avoid the growing impact of browser limitations on cookie lifetime such as Apple Intelligent Tracking (ITP). Power your analysis with accurate cross-channel tracking and identity resolution with up to a 400 days cookie lifetime.

Control, transparency and ownership

Our data models and SQL queries, which power our data applications, are source-available. This means you can understand how the insights are calculated and use them as a starting point for your own data applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are marketing channels determined? Are custom URL parameters used or does Snowplow leverage UTM parameters?

    Snowplow defaults to using UTM parameters, but it can be configured to use any custom parameters as well.

  • How are sessions defined and established? Does URL attribution affect session creation?

    Out of the box, Snowplow defines sessions client-side based on a 30-minute timeout. The client-side sessionization behavior can be configured, such as changing the timeout or resetting the session if the user comes in from a marketing campaign. Because the event-level data is in the customer’s own Snowflake instance, it’s also possible to bring your own custom sessionization logic.

  • Why would someone use Snowplow over the new GA4 connector that Snowflake natively offers now?

    There are several reasons – with the Snowflake GA4 connector, the data path is long, expensive due to egress costs, and has latency issues which prevents building real-time applications. The pipeline is also opaque. With Snowplow, data lands in the customer’s Snowflake in real-time, the data is richer and easier to work with using Snowplow’s data modeling.

  • Can you give examples of brands that are doing data integration well with Snowplow and Snowflake?

    DPG Media and Strava are two great examples. DPG uses Snowplow for all their behavioral data collection powering various ML use cases and analytics on Snowflake. Strava has instrumented their app with Snowplow allowing product managers to access data created by other PMs and build a single customer view.

  • How does Snowplow handle privacy regulations?

    Like Google and Adobe, Snowplow acts as a data processor while their customers are data controllers. Snowplow provides customers broad tools to meet their obligations like anonymous tracking for non-consenting users, data pseudonymization and obfuscation, tracking metadata for data collected under different privacy policies. Snowplow takes measures to ensure they are compliant by not touching customer data, allowing encryption keys, and following technical and organizational design patterns for data security.

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