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Editorial and newsroom analytics is a key real-time use case for publishers, media organizations and other content-heavy sites. To increase engagement and relevance of your content you need to quickly understand the relative performance of your content.

In a crowded media landscape the most successful companies must make quick decisions around content and the positioning of content on their sites. Seconds not minutes or hours can make a difference at this level of decision making. Many tools can’t deliver rich enough data with low enough latency to make these decisions with confidence. When reacting to breaking news in rapidly changing situations, this becomes even more imperative. 


Use low-latency behavioral data about how your audience is interacting with your content to prioritize and order your content. Serve this data in dashboards in a real-time dashboarding tool such as Elasticsearch to inform decision-making. This is an anchor use case across Snowplow’s media customers: Snowplow is powering decision making in editorial and newsrooms globally. 

Why Snowplow

Snowplow offers a highly flexible system giving users full control over their data assets, from collection to business logic to the format of the data; Snowplow has no black box components. This allows you to shape your editorial analytics around the exact media types you publish and the specific audience behaviors you drive.

The Snowplow trackers are highly configurable, allowing for a complete dataset to be completed. Working within the constraints of ITP and with ad blockers, Snowplow can be configured to build a clear picture of your audience’s behavior. Every event is captured, processed and sent to the data warehouse, giving media organizations complete control over their event level data.

Snowplow data is also delivered at very low latency, allowing you to build real-time dashboards, empowering your editorial team to react to breaking news events, viral content spikes and live premieres.

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