Snowplow: Powering SaaS success with high-quality, granular behavioral data

Snowplow’s behavioral data platform (BDP) integrates into your data stack to provide you with rich behavioral data to fuel the growth of your product.

Dive deep with customized product analytics

By default, Snowplow captures 130 properties for each event, and allows you to add more according to your precise needs. When combined with the ability to collect data across multiple domains, platforms, and devices (and deliver it in a single, consolidated format), Snowplow gives product teams unprecedented visibility over their user journey, and enables them to conduct deep product analysis.

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Deliver detailed customer-facing metrics in real time

Snowplow’s low latency means that you can deliver insights from behavioral data to customers in real time. With a great degree of flexibility, our technology also allows you to easily change tracking strategy so that you can provide the maximum value from your data to your customers.

Own your data and future-proof your compliance

Snowplow’s behavioral data platform runs entirely in your cloud account, giving you complete ownership of your data. Aside from allowing you to conduct end-to-end audits of your data pipeline, our technology includes a privacy function which makes it easier to comply with regulations.

Capture a single customer view across all of your domains

Snowplow allows you to collect highly-structured behavioral data across multiple domains, meaning that you can build a comprehensive picture of your user journey. In addition, all of the data is captured and delivered in a single, consolidated format, removing the need for data cleaning and facilitating fast querying.

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Optimize your marketing budget with better attribution

The granularity of Snowplow data means that your marketing team can run extremely accurate attribution models. With our BDP, you can understand exactly how your audience is engaging with marketing activities across multiple channels, and adapt them to ensure the greatest return-on-investment.

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