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In their 2015 study, McKinsey found that building out analytics that truly reflects the customer journey is a key determinant for ensuring companies see commercial benefits from product and customer analytics. McKinsey also highlighted that companies that effectively deploy such analytics outperform their competition in terms of profit almost twice as often as companies that do not.

At the same time, doing product analytics right is becoming increasingly difficult. User journeys are often complex and span various platforms and channels, and traditional product analytics tools come with their own set of assumptions and limitations that may not apply to your business. Furthermore, privacy regulations and tracking prevention methods make it increasingly difficult to capture all user interactions.


Companies have a real opportunity to differentiate from their competition with better insights into how their users interact with their digital products. By leveraging these insights to develop compelling experiences, companies are able to convert and retain more users.

Collecting data across all platforms and channels into a single location, and modeling that data to reflect user journeys is key to deriving such insights. As products evolve and user journeys change, it is also important to update and evolve data collection and modeling over time.

Customization drives results

Rather than looking at thin slices of your users’ activity on individual platforms or channels, you need product analytics that deeply understands your end-to-end user journey with all its nuances and variations. At the same time, building out product analytics on your own data means that all of your teams – Marketing, Product, Customer Success, Finance – are making decisions on the same set of inputs.

Why Snowplow

Snowplow empowers you to assemble your own product analytics, incorporating all of your user touch points across platforms and channels. Snowplow’s large set of behavioral data sources ensures that no stage of your user journey is left behind. 

Snowplow takes care of delivering all the data you need into your warehouse so you can focus on modeling and analyzing your user journeys in whatever way is most relevant to your business. After all, you know your users and product best.

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