Snowplow Outperforms GA4 in GigaOm Comparative Evaluation.
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Make smarter marketing decisions with accurate and complete data

Access high-quality behavioral data for better performing, data-informed marketing activities.

Clearly understand which campaigns and channels drive the best results

Holistic marketing attribution and analytics made possible, so you can maximize campaigns that are delivering ROI and turn off those that aren’t.

360 view

Build a 360° view of your users

With access to your event-level data, tracked with a host of user identifiers, you’re able to gain a holistic view of users’ engagement across platforms, devices, and domains to build the richest understanding of user behavior.

Actual multi-touch marketing attribution

Define your own attribution logic to measure conversions and optimize ad spend across channels and time.

Measure the true cost per acquisition and ROAS for the most accurate insights into your marketing performance.

Stand out with real-time marketing personalization

Use your high-quality, real-time Snowplow data and combine it with historical data to power your personalization, recommendation engines or dynamic pricing models to drive more engagement and conversions.

Drive more conversions through content marketing

Accurately identify who consumes your content, what they find most interesting, and the impact it has on their customer journey.

Use this granular insight to produce better performing content, optimize placements and improve recommendations.

A behavioral data asset for advanced marketing use cases

Power all your marketing use cases with a single source of truth

Trust your reports

Snowplow is built from the ground up with data quality in mind. An evolving set of features ensure you collect accurate, complete and meaningful data so you never have to worry about conflicting reports or missing data.

Plug holes in your analytics

ITP and ad-blockers leave marketers with increasingly limited insight into user behavior. Snowplow lets you collect data as a 1st-party and leverage server-side tracking so you can continue to get the full picture.

Next-level data richness

Snowplow automatically tracks rich, contextual information with each event and you can further enrich your events with 1st and 3rd party data sources for the richest, most granular dataset to power your marketing use cases.

Visualize your data in your favorite analytics tools

Data is loaded into tidy tables in your data warehouse in a ready-to-use format. This makes it easy for your marketing team to consume the data in their favorite BI tools.

Find out how businesses leverage Snowplow to build a competitive advantage with data

“Snowplow delivered a game changer: We can offer business proactivity in Growth Marketing and Sales and deliver zero-latency use cases.”

Hervé Mensah, Director Data Science & Integration at La Presse



“Before Snowplow we weren’t able to attribute revenue accurately and fully understand which of our marketing channels were generating what bookings. Access to our raw events has changed the game.”

Steven Oliemans, Head of Analytics at Tripaneer



“Without Snowplow data, a data-driven approach to systematically improving retention would not be possible.”

Dejan Petelin, Head of Data at Gousto



“We knew the sales cycle was long and complex, making it impossible to do much more than guess how sales were happening. Before sinking more resources into digital marketing, we had to be sure we’d get a better handle on this cycle.”

Aaron Hirshberg, COO at Green Building Supply



“With Snowplow, we are empowered to make more informed, data-driven decisions that allow us to iterate much faster while gaining a multi-dimensional view of the user experience now and in the future.”

Alex Beskin, Head of Analytics at Animoto



Discover how Snowplow can empower your marketing team to maximize the performance of their campaigns