Supercharge growth with data-driven marketing

Snowplow helps marketers understand the end-to-end customer journey, unlock essential insights about customer behavior, marketing performance and accurately predict customer behavior from their own warehouse and lake.

Data-driven marketing teams rely on Snowplow

Snowplow Capabilities

Why data-driven marketers rely on Snowplow

Data-driven marketers rely on Snowplow for its comprehensive behavioral data, empowering them to derive actionable insights to optimize campaigns, marketing spend and personalize experiences.

Ready built visualizations

From understanding marketing performance to customer journeys, our range of data apps deliver meaningful insights for your business.

Seamless identity resolution

Accurately identify and stitch the customer journeys in your own warehouse or lake with Snowplow’s identity resolution and cross-domain tracking.

Accurate customer & user behavior

Track customer behavior for up to 2 years even when browser limitations such as Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP) are enabled whilst capturing rich customer data at every point in the customer journey for accurate analysis and measurement.

Compliance-first approach

Complete ownership and control over where your data is processed and what data is collected from each customer in what circumstance with our private SaaS delivery model and out-of-the-box PII pseudonymization, anonymous tracking.

Power marketing-critical use cases with Snowplow

Customer Insights

Answer the most important questions about your customer journey

Snowplow’s Data Apps provide out-of-the-box visualizations to understand user acquisition, campaign performance, marketing attribution and more in Snowplow’s Behavioral Data Platform.

A series of dashboards and reports to unlock insights

Accurate customers journeys with up to 2 years of tracking

No data latency with a real-time stream delivered to your warehouse

Attribution Modeling

Accurately measure ROI & ROAS

Our fully first-party, compliant, and real-time data allows marketing teams to tackle more advanced analytics projects and better attribute value to content and channels to reduce costs.

Track for up to 2 years for accurate attribution of spend

First-party server set cookie and out-of-the-box identity resolution

First-touch, linear, positional and last-touch attribution methods

Predict Customer Behavior

Predict a customers next move with rich, behavioral data

Provide your data scientists with rich, modelled data directly in the warehouse to accurately predict customer behavior.

More predictive features to power your models with every event

Snowplow’s data models provide you with accurate AI & BI-ready data

SLAs guarantee delivery low latency data to your warehouse, lake, and stream.

A NextGen CX program is only as good as the speed and accuracy of the data you can get from it. With Databricks Lakehouse Platform and Snowplow BDP, we’ve broken free from daily data batches and formed an accurate real-time view of our customers’ digital activity. Our personalized models automatically stay up-to-date by consuming behavioral data.
BENJAMIN STEPHENS | Senior Manager – Decision Analytics,
BENJAMIN STEPHENS | Senior Manager - Decision Analytics