How Attest gains accurate insights from multiple domains with Snowplow

Using clean, granular behavioral data created with Snowplow, Attest is enhancing their product and transforming data culture.

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Attest provides a fast, intuitive platform for users to capture and analyze consumer insights. Through survey data, market analysis, brand tracking and more, Attest users can quickly and easily build a better understanding of their target audience. 

But for Attest, fractured data collection across limited, packaged tools made it challenging for their product teams to gain insights on their own users. After trying Snowplow and exploring its rich behavioral data for themselves, Attest built a much more complete, cohesive view of their user journey across all their platforms. 

“We’re thinking more about what the funnel looks like and what’s happening in our domains—the level of data maturity has jumped since we’ve implemented Snowplow.”



As a platform for consumer intelligence, the team at Attest is well versed in the importance of understanding users and what drives them. 

But their existing data setup made it difficult to get an accurate picture of user behavior—and harder still to track activity across their three domains (website, survey collection platform and dashboard solution). Put simply, internal data collection at Attest was disparate and siloed. 

While the data team could capture and analyze behavioral data to a certain extent, they weren’t getting a full picture of the user journey. Making matters worse, analysts at Attest could tell that acquisition data from their packaged analytics platform was inaccurate. 

They could see, for example, that they had 100 signups from their website—yet their analytics platform reported 160. This quickly eroded trust in their web data and prompted the team to look for a more reliable way to build an understanding of their users. 

What’s more, with more and more questions springing up from the product team and other stakeholders, it became clear that Attest had no clear way to capture enough data across all their domains to produce the insights they urgently needed.


Vojtech Petrus, Product Analyst at Attest, who led the tech selection process, had three key criteria for their data capture solution. The tool needed to: 

  • Capture behavioral data across their three domains in a unified format 
  • Deal with high volumes of behavioral data in a scalable, cost effective way
  • Capture data in a sensitive manner for certain use cases, with dedicated tooling to ensure user privacy

High on the list of ‘wants’ was the ability to deeply understand their users and how they moved between platforms. It was important not only to capture user behavior, but to be able to surface it in an accessible way throughout the business.

Snowplow emerged as a primary consideration because it addressed all three requirements. Crucially, Snowplow delivered the flexibility Attest’s team needed when capturing data, as well as a data set internal stakeholders could rely on. None of the packaged tools could deliver in these key areas. 

Using Try Snowplow, Vojtech and his colleagues found an easy way to spin up Snowplow and validate what they could do with the platform. This helped prove its value before making a commitment, and enabled Vojtech to explore Snowplow’s technology quickly (setting up in less than a day) without having to trawl through documentation or join multiple sales calls to get answers. 

From there, it was easier for Attest to lay a path for their data ambitions, knowing their main use cases—marketing attribution and user journey analytics—would be more than possible with Snowplow. 

Why did Attest choose Snowplow?

  • Cohesive tracking – Snowplow enables you to create behavioral data from multiple sources (web, mobile, server-side applications and more) in a unified structure, making it much easier to gain a complete picture of user behavior across platforms 
  • Complete, accurate, trustworthy data – Snowplow is architected to deliver high-quality data, validated against JSON schemas to ensure it lands in your data warehouse in a clean, expected format
  • Tracking on your terms – Snowplow comes with a range of trackers that offer huge flexibility when it comes to answering any questions you may have about your users and their overall experience


Even in the early stages of their journey with Snowplow, Attest is reaping the benefits of a robust behavioral data platform. Thanks to Snowplow’s trackers and custom events, multiple teams can capture data across all of their domains—which simply wasn’t possible previously. 

Key use cases such as marketing attribution, building a single customer view and funnel analysis on signup registration are all now progressing, fueled by data created with Snowplow. 

Less tangible—but equally significant—is the change to Attest’s data culture after implementing Snowplow. The organization has transitioned from ad-hoc data queries to a more mature approach to data strategy, with a marked shift in how people see and work with behavioral data. Armed with a stronger, more complete data set, Attest’s internal teams can now focus on driving value with data, making it easier and more rewarding for users to work with consumer intelligence. 

Teams really think differently about data now. Now that we can see what events are getting fired, it’s quite transformational for our teams to see what the journey really looks like and understand how we might receive that data.”


How you can get started with Snowplow

To learn more about how Snowplow can empower your organization with behavioral data creation, book in a chat with our team today. Alternatively, Try Snowplow is our free, easy-to-use version of our technology, which allows you to create your own behavioral data in under 30 mins.

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