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Customer journey mapping with behavioral data

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Leverage behavioral data to build a complete map of your customer journey

Only by closely examining the end-to-end customer journey can organizations identify ways to improve the customer  experience. This guide aims to give technical teams a blueprint for building a comprehensive customer journey map with behavioral data – a resource that can empower internal teams to optimize the customer experience at each stage. 

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  • Why building a customer journey map is critical for understanding customer painpoints;
  • How to stitch together behavioral data to build a single customer view;
  • How to enrich your data to broaden your understanding of your customers.

“Snowplow has been helping us centralize our data and build the single customer view since day one. As we get closer to pinpointing precisely, for example, the booking value of a particular segment, and more complex data analysis, Snowplow will continue to be what we need.

Kevin Parks, Software Developer at Tourlane


The way we do business has changed. Our lives, particularly during the global pandemic, have become increasingly digital, dramatically altering the way we interact with businesses, products and services. Practically every industry has faced the need to develop digital strategies – offering faster, easier, more seamless buying journeys for their users and customers. But these journeys are often disparate and complex – spanning multiple channels and touchpoints in ways that, despite our best efforts, are difficult to track; let alone analyze and optimize.

Yet that is the challenge modern companies face. Simply put, in order to better serve their customers, companies need to make efforts to understand them. And in order to understand them, they must investigate how their customers progress along the journey from ‘brand aware’ to ‘prospective buyers’ to ‘customers’ and potentially ‘advocates’. Only by closely examining the customer journey can businesses identify ways to improve their overall experience and remove barriers to gaining more customers.

Download the guide to learn how you can use behavioral data to build a comprehensive map of your customer journey. 

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