Snowplow Outperforms GA4 in GigaOm Comparative Evaluation.
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Empowering every organization to create and consume AI-Ready data

Remove the data preparation bottleneck holding you back from delivering on today’s AI and advanced analytics use cases.

Making AI-Ready data for everyone

While most organizations rely on existing data sources and third-party tools to prepare their data pipeline, AI leaders have developed end-to-end data platforms and data schemas in house, enabling them to break through traditional data constraints and execute upon advanced AI opportunities as they arise. 

With Snowplow’s Behavioral Data Platform, any organization can create and capitalize on AI-Ready and behavioral data securely and at scale to power innovative use cases – regardless of size, scale and data science expertise. 

Create the highest quality data asset

Define, collect and enhance the richest possible data set.

Unlimited entities

Define and enrich your event definitions with unlimited custom entities.

Custom data

Bespoke data from any source, across any context, from web, to servers, webhooks, wearables, IoT and more.

Unified data

Unified, validated and enriched against first and third-party data.

Dynamically adjust your data schema

Maintain, grow and dynamically adjust your data schema over time.

Universal data grammar

Iglu schema technology enables you to maintain a schema versioning to support data evolution.


Deliver data to the data warehouse or lake of your choice, and generate data models as needed using SDKs in a host of languages.


Monitor the delivery of your models in real-time, with SLAs.

Seamless deployment and management

A secure user experience and a deployment fabric that directly deploys to a customers own cloud infrastructure.

Full managed

Ensures security end to end.

Private deployment fabric

Direct to each customer’s cloud offering secure end-to-end management & control.

Anonymous tracking

IP obfuscation and storage of basis for consent.

Deliver powerful new use cases

With Snowplow BDP, collect a unified, high-quality, AI-ready data set that can be deployed and modeled in multiple ways to serve endless use-cases.

Composable CDP

All the benefits of a CDP with extra ownership, quality and scalability

  • Build a CDP straight from your warehouse
  • Use best-in-class data apps
  • Integrate with SaaS tools via ETL
  • An immutable log of all data for scalability


Behavioral data is the biggest missed opportunity in AI. 

  • Behavioral data is the strongest signal of intent
  • Behavioral AI gives giants like Amazon a huge advantage
  • Our AI-ready data is accessible to even the smallest companies

Advanced analytics

Fully integrate product analytics, marketing attribution, firmographic and demographic segmentation

  • Seamless identity resolution
  • Track for up to 2 years, despite ITP
  • Generate previously unthought of questions with 100s of properties

Thousands of organizations are driving value from Snowplow’s AI-ready data already

Strava lets you track your running and riding with GPS, join challenges, share photos from your activities, and follow friends.

Their data team built an AI platform to empower dozens of teams to self-serve by generating propensity scores and training advanced ML models. Socializing data from AI has given them a massive competitive advantage.

We would not have achieved our current level of self-serve data without Snowplow. It has enabled us to democratize our data culture, significantly improving our analytics coverage and deepening our insights.

Daniel Huang, Data Engineer at Strava

Gousto makes it joyfully simple to enjoy home-cooked dinners by delivering precise ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes.

Their data team built personalized menus with AI. 

With Snowplow’s behavioral data they were able to power deep learning models that minimized churn and significantly improved customer retention.

Without Snowplow data, a data-driven approach to systematically improving retention would not be possible.

Dejan Petelin, Head of Data at Gousto

Three ways to start creating AI-ready data