Snowplow Outperforms GA4 in GigaOm Comparative Evaluation.
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Your data, your rules

Gain full control, ownership, and visibility of your data at all times with the flexibility and quality you deserve.

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Treat your data as a valuable asset

Free yourself from the limitations of packaged tools or inflexible legacy
infrastructure with Snowplow’s best-in-class data delivery platform

Data you can trust

Data quality is a first-class priority at Snowplow, with a growing set of product features to give you assurance that the data you collect is accurate, complete, meaningful and actionable.

Full flexibility to grow and evolve

Our technology is built from the ground up for flexibility so you can define your own data structures, data modeling logic and pipeline configurations and evolve them with your business.

Complete control at all times

Your data never leaves your cloud environment. You have complete ownership of your data, and total control over and visibility into your data processing pipeline, built on top of an open standard.

A powerful and distinctive platform built for data-informed companies

Your success is our main priority. That’s why we empower you to build a data asset that delivers rich, high-quality data to power your data use cases today and in the future.

Quality assured

The behavioral data delivered by Snowplow is rich, real-time, and of high quality, to ensure you have a complete data set you can trust and use.

Astonishingly rich data

Snowplow automatically tracks rich, contextual information with your events and each web event comes with 130 data points. Plus, you can add additional data points through our enrichment module giving you a richer, more detailed data set.

Real-time data delivery

Your data is delivered in real-time so you can consume and act on your entire datastream immediately. Industry-leading latency SLAs mean you can stay focused on driving value from your data instead of looking after your data infrastructure.

Accurate and complete data

Proactively manage and monitor your data quality through extensive tooling designed to support accurate data collection. You can trust your data thanks to a formal validation step, a fully auditable and loss-less data pipeline and automated testing for your tracking.

Full flexibility

Our behavioral data platform is uniquely designed to adapt to your specific business needs, and make it easy for you to change as your needs evolve.

Your data, your structure

You decide what events you want to track, and what data points should describe each of those events. Our flexible technology allows you to design data structures that reflect your business and use case, not a vendor’s legacy view of your industry.

Flexible enough for any use case

Data is loaded into tidy tables in your data warehouse and real-time event stream in a ready-to-use format. This makes it easy for you to work directly with the data, consume it in your favourite BI tool or write real-time applications.

A future-proof data strategy

You can evolve your data collection as your business—and your use cases—change over time. Tracking is versioned and you can modify your data structures and data models with the flexibility to recompute historical data based on your new models.

Total control

We partner with you to ensure you maintain total ownership over your data infrastructure, in your cloud, built on top of an open standard.

Running native in your cloud

With Snowplow, your entire data pipeline runs in your own AWS or GCP account. Your data never leaves your environment, giving you complete ownership at all times.

Data compliance made easy

Privacy functionality makes GDPR compliance easy. You have complete control over what personal information you collect, where that information lives, who can access it, what they can do with it, and when it expires.

Built on an open standard

Snowplow is built on top of best-in-class open source technology so you have complete transparency into every stage of your pipeline, the freedom to configure your pipeline as you see fit, and zero vendor lock-in.

total control - flexibility - data quality - ownership - illustration

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Take control of your data and build a data asset for the whole company