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What is Snowplow Open Source?

Snowplow is the leading open source Data Creation technology in the world today, and the third most adopted web tracker, behind Google Analytics and Facebook.

With our unique approach to Data Creation, which extends far beyond web behavioral analytics, users can manage customer data in a highly secure first-party environment. Only Snowplow has the ability to maintain a Universal Data Language, irrespective of where data is generated—reducing the time and complexity of cleaning and transforming data.

Snowplow's open source schema registry, Iglu, ensures the data created adheres to defined schema definitions, while enabling the methodical management of schema updates as data needs evolve.

Create and consume a powerful data asset

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1. Generate a rich data set

Get up and running fast with 21 out-of-the-box trackers for web, mobile, and server-side events, scalable to billions of events per day.

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2. Enrich and validate your data

Create your own custom events and entity schemas, and capture an unlimited number of properties with each event. Enrich data in real-time with 16 out-of-the-box enrichments, or create your own custom enrichment during event creation and validation.

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3. Model your data

With your data incrementally modeled in your warehouse or lake with either customizable or out-of-the-box, fully extensible, web and mobile DBT models, you are equipped with BI and AI-ready data to derive insight or predict customer behavior.

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4. Deploy at scale, build with your own tools and data stack

In less than an hour, your data will flow through Snowplow’s open source pipeline to your real-time streams, data lake, and data warehouse, with un-opinionated access to create data and integrate with your existing investments.

Trusted by thousands of organizations worldwide

Architectured to deliver high-quality behavioral data at scale

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Dynamically manage and update schemas

Create your own schemas, and automatically handle schema migrations with our Iglu schema-ing and warehouse loader technology.

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Control and obfuscate PII data

Collect fully anonymous data with our Javascript tracker, or obfuscate and remove PII with our configurable anonymizations.

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Roll out tracking with confidence

Catch data quality issues before they hit production. Validate data in real time in dev environments with Snowplow Mini, and write automated tests against your tracking with Snowplow Micro.

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Use out-of-the-box data models

Directly query data in your BI tool or ingest in your machine learning model with our performant web and mobile data models, which deliver aggregated tables by user, session, web page, or mobile screen.

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Fully observe your pipeline

Gain full observability and monitoring over the behavioral data ingestion process. With every microservice publishing latency and volume metrics.

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Access new features

With three or more updates released each month, Snowplow Open Source is considered the core of Snowplow Data Creation.

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Scale Data Creation across your organization with Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform.

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