Start creating behavioral data faster with Snowplow BDP Cloud.
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Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform (BDP)

Empower your entire organization to create, enrich, evolve, and manage the behavioral data behind tomorrow’s use cases.

Unlock new value with behavioral data

Compared to transactional and demographic data, behavioral data is the richest possible fuel to power advanced analytics, AI models, and applications. It describes the behavior of people (such as customers, partners, and team members), the actions and decisions they make, and the context of those actions and decisions—second-by-second, in granular detail.

Drawing upon the entire Data Creation lifecycle, Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform delivers a unified, high-quality behavioral data set that can be deployed and modeled in multiple ways to power endless use cases. It offers a new approach to data product management, enabling more people across more of your teams to break through to data-driven success.

Why Snowplow BDP?

Help technical teams socialize data

Break down barriers between engineering and the rest of your organization with our Behavioral Data Console and APIs to securely share, manage, and evolve your behavioral data.

Accelerate your implementation

Snowplow’s Data Product Accelerators (DPAs) enable any team to deliver high-impact data applications. Our purpose-built guides help you solve your most pressing business needs.


Control the quality and compliance of your data

Define and enforce policy on how data is created, processed, and delivered. Receive real-time alerts and leverage issue resolution tooling to maintain data quality.

Empower more people to become Data Product Managers

Built-in workflow tooling enables more people across your organization to define, model, catalog, socialize, publish, and evolve data to power data applications.

Deploy Snowplow BDP in a way that works for you

Start your journey with behavioral data

Snowplow BDP Cloud

Start creating behavioral data faster with Snowplow BDP Cloud

  • 35+ trackers and webhooks

  • Custom event and entities

  • Load to Redshift, Snowflake or Databricks on any cloud

  • Every event enriched with 130+ out-of-the-box properties

  • Identity resolution and data models for BI and AI-ready data in your warehouse

  • 24/7 support

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