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The advanced guide to marketing attribution

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Going further with attribution modeling to understand the impact of your marketing touchpoints

Following our Attribution 101 white paper, this guide aims to help technical teams take their marketing attribution to the next level. We’ll explore the challenges to marketing attribution, the best approaches to attribution modeling and walk through an example you can try yourself.

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  • Why a flexible, modular approach beats out-of-the-box tools,
  • How to work with your marketing team to get the best results,
  • The importance of mapping your touchpoints to the customer journey. 

“With Snowplow data, we set sales records five months in a row from when we started the ad tests.”

Aaron Hirshberg, COO, Green Building Supply


Marketing attribution has never been more prevalent. Ascribing value to each marketing channel, touchpoint and interaction has become an essential part of evaluating not just marketing success, but key to understanding a company’s relationship with its customers, and what drives those customers along the buyer’s journey.

This is an advanced guide to attribution for companies who have already started to attribute ROI to various channels and marketing activities, but want to explore how they can further increase the accuracy and effectiveness of their attribution modeling. The guide aims to inform engineering teams on the best approach to building out their marketing attribution modeling, so that they in turn can support internal marketing teams to optimize their budgets, efforts, and campaigns.

Download the white paper to see how you can evolve your attribution modeling to generate powerful insights for your marketing team.