Snowplow Outperforms GA4 in GigaOm Comparative Evaluation.
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Snowplow specializes in high-quality behavioral data for data apps, with a scalable platform and product tiers to meet your needs.

Community Edition

Hosted and managed by you

A do-it-yourself solution for early-stage prototypes

Manage your own infrastructure, including scaling, upgrades, failovers and costs

Self-hosted QA and Dev pipelines

Non-production workloads

Snowplow BDP

Hosted by you, managed by Snowplow

Advanced security and next-gen collaboration

Gain a competitive edge with custom set up and guidance from Snowplow experts

Customer Success Management and 24/7 support – with SLA

Collaborative tooling for advanced use cases

Manage data across teams with an advanced UI and API

SLAs for latency and uptime

Why data leaders choose Snowplow

Better data quality

Real time use cases in seconds

Full data ownership, compliance and no vendor lock in

“Auto Trader loves open source technologies. Snowplow is an open source technology—we didn’t see the value of managing it ourselves, but we like the fact that we can contribute code.”


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  • How does Snowplow’s event-based pricing work?

    Each interaction with your digital product counts as an ‘event’. Our pricing model allows you to fairly scale up in a linear way as you grow and therefore track more events. This generally scales in far more predictable and more cost-effective way than monthly-tracked user pricing adopted by some other analytics tools.

  • What is behavioral data and what is an event?

    Behavioral data describes interactions with customers, partners, applications and systems in granular detail. Richly contextual and predictive by nature, it is the best possible fuel for advanced analytics and AI applications. Each ‘event’ is a single tracked interaction, which is stored as a row in a table including contextual information, such as where the action took place and the operating system. There are 129 such contexts which come out of the box with Snowplow.

  • Is Snowplow Community Edition the best option for me?

    We see successful Snowplow Open Source users building their data infrastructure from the ground up – creating from first principles. They can typically afford to invest in setting up and maintaining data pipelines at the same time as building the downstream data products, dashboards, applications, and so on – all very different skills. Snowplow BDP is for growing teams looking to prioritize time to value and take advantage of the user interface and additional functionality around collaboration and data app creation.

  • Who is Snowplow’s Enterprise Basecamp tier right for?

    Basecamp, our entry-level Enterprise tier is ideal for teams starting to create and use behavioral data to build their first data applications and those beginning to explore the power of the Modern Data Stack.

  • Who is Snowplow’s Enterprise Ascent tier right for?

    Ascent, our middle tier, is is designed for businesses that want to expand the number and complexity of data applications across their business, including the introduction of real-time use cases.

  • Who is Snowplow’s Enterprise Summit tier right for?

    The Summit tier offers fully fledged strategic support, onboarding and rapid response SLAs, so you can accelerate your use of behavioral data to meet your organizational objectives. It also offers enhanced functionality for collaborating across complex businesses with many different data needs.

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