Find the right Snowplow solution for your business

Snowplow is the leader in next-generation customer data infrastructure (CDI).
Own and unlock the value of your customer behavioral data with the platform that scales with your unique business needs.

Community Edition

Hosted and managed by you

A do-it-yourself solution for the tech-savvy folks & early-stage prototypes

Manage your own infrastructure, including scaling, upgrades, failovers and costs

Self-hosted QA and Dev pipelines

Non-production workloads

Snowplow BDP

Hosted by you, managed by Snowplow

Advanced security and next-gen collaboration meant for all users

Gain a competitive edge with custom set up and guidance from Snowplow experts

Customer Success Management and 24/7 support – with SLA

Collaborative tooling for advanced use cases

Manage data across teams with an advanced UI and API

SLAs for latency and uptime

Why data leaders choose Snowplow

Better data quality

Real time use cases in seconds

Full data ownership, compliance and no vendor lock in

“I’ve never seen engineers and marketing people talk to each other as much as they are right now. All of our objectives are goal-oriented and outcome-oriented now. Access to first-party data has made our data engineers have more empathy for our marketers and our marketers are now more willing to provide insight into the campaigns they are running.”


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