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Many organizations today struggle with the rigid data models and compute silos created by first generation product analytics tools. This limits their analytics and insights to the out-of-box capabilities provided by these tools.

Organizations are no longer ok with accepting these limitations and are shifting towards choosing the technology they need to achieve their evolving business goals. Cross-functional teams are eliminating data silos by making the cloud data warehouse the single source of truth where they can create and build complete and predictive customer profiles audiences for activation. By running your product analytics directly on your data warehouse, you gain visibility into cross-channel customer journeys without data duplication.

Join us as we discuss:

• How composable CDPs are enabling the next generation of product analytics

• Why the data warehouse plays a central role

• What this evolution in the data stack means for product, growth, and analytics leaders

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Yali Sassoon

Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Abhishek Rai

Co-Founder & Head of Product

Moderated by: Bhavik Patel

Director of Analytics

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