Track video events across media players

The Video and Media Analytics Accelerator includes pre-built code, sample data, and step-by-step instructions to build a detailed understanding of how your customers interact with your videos.

Why use this accelerator?

While Hubspot claims that 91% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, few businesses deeply understand how their users interact with this content and what effect this has on business metrics. Snowplow’s Video and Media Analytics Accelerator provides a granular view of how your customers interact with your videos second by second.

With ownership of the full data set, you can combine video tracking data at a user, session, or page/screen-view level with your existing event data from across the business to better understand the customer journey. This means you can tie video metrics to core business metrics to really see how much your efforts are moving the needle. In addition, this accelerator helps to track views of your ads to optimize your campaigns.

Key metrics included are:

  • Average percentage of video played
  • Number of times the video is skipped
  • Audience retention over time
  • Least skipped advertisements

“Snowplow’s rich, granular data enabled us to build sophisticated audience intelligence and double the efficiency of our clients’ trailer advertising campaigns.”


Key Outcomes

  • Discover video viewing patterns in more detail
  • Tie video content to core business metrics
  • Compare video content to drive campaign effectiveness