Unbundle CDP with Snowplow behavioral data

Build a composable Customer Data Platform (CDP) that powers personalization at scale, using richly contextual, connected behavioral data.

Snowplow Digital Analytics

Snowplow has traditionally been a favored tool of data teams, but our latest solution, Snowplow Digital Analytics, is made for marketers.

All the dashboards and metrics you built your GA reporting on are available in Snowplow. These are real-time, more compliant, and fully warehouse-first. You can build on top of these GA-style dashboards with full flexibility as you evolve your advanced analytics and AI use cases.

Collect customer data from all angles

Snowplow delivers rich, first-party server side cookies. You can collect behavioral data from every customer touchpoint (mobile app, website, server-side), unaffected by ITP and ad-blockers.

Understand all behaviors

Create a seamless view of customer behavior by capturing first-party user identifiers across all your platforms and products with out-of-the-box and custom user identifiers.

Unify granular customer data

Snowplow’s dbt package includes an identity resolution module to create a single customer view at an interaction, session and user level.

Maintain a single
source of truth about
your customers

“We evaluated CDPs, but they are expensive black boxes that are extremely technical, and they don’t always play nicely with other tools. Your entire organization needs to be really good with data to get value out of them”

Daren Haken | Head of Engineering, Auto Trader

Create powerful

Utilize bespoke AI models

Compared to out-of-the-box AI models in CDPs, yours are perfectly designed around your data, product, or business goal—so you can accurately predict a customer’s future behavior and drive value from your campaigns.

Predict behavior at scale

With Snowplow doing the hard work of delivering BI and AI-ready data, your data team’s time is freed to focus on building unique AI/ML models.

Unleash personalization

With rich customer insights in your warehouse, you are in full control to create highly personalized campaigns via a Reverse ETL to the tools of your choosing.

Leverage existing investments

Instead of adding another data silo to your tech stack, do more with what you’ve got in your existing data warehouse or lake with a fully-fledged, future-proofed composable CDP.

Evolve as your needs change

Equipped with BI and AI-ready data in your data warehouse or lake, avoid vendor lock and easily adapt your tech stack to meet the changing needs of your business.

Maintain data compliance

Within ever-changing privacy and regulatory environments, stay in control of your data with Snowplow’s out-of-the-box privacy controls and end-to-end security.

Futureproof your
technology stack

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