Fuel predictive models with rich, behavioral data

Make better business decisions, faster, by delivering real-time, structured behavioral data to your AI and ML models.

Eliminate data wrangling

Snowplow delivers data in a highly expected format at a consistent level of granularity to your warehouse or lake, ready to train models with no wrangling.

Ensure complete accuracy

Snowplow ensures complete and accurate data, with every data point validated up front against a user-defined schema, with bad data stored for debugging and reprocessing through Snowplow.

Unify granular customer data

With data loaded in your data warehouse in a ready-to-use format, you and your team can leverage your data in your preferred AutoML platform and data science tools.

Train models with
AI-ready data

“With Snowplow we are able to track all the events we want and take immediate action. We can identify signs of potential churn and take targeted action to prevent it; we can segment audiences based on engagement, interests, and many other qualifications to make the experience as individual as possible. ”

Hervé Mensah | Director – Data Science & Integration, La Presse

Tap into predictive
behavioral data

Inject intent into your data asset

There is no stronger predictor of future behavior than past actions. Snowplow has been working with companies to predict intent for over a decade.

Augment model accuracy

With 130+ properties appended to each event out-of-the-box, you can use a large number of features to create accurate model predictions.

Capture the context behind the data

With hundreds of custom entities that define where and how an action took place, your AI/ML models have hundreds of data points for model training.

Deliver data at low latency

In-session business decisions need to be triggered at a reliably low latency. Snowplow’s SLAs guarantee delivery of data at a low latency to your warehouse, lake, and stream.

Ensure reliability, at scale

Snowplow autoscaling services ensure reliable loading of events to destinations in seconds, even at enormous scale and unpredictable volumes.

Maintain trust and explainability

Transparent processing of the data from source to prediction means the actions taken are explainable and justifiable, key to operationalizing models.

Operationalize AI in

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