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Power advanced analytics applications

Build a deep understanding of customer behavior across digital touchpoints, and use data to influence business decisions.

Create data shaped to
fit your business

Customize your data

Define an unlimited number of events and entities, and customize naming conventions and fields to match your analytics requirements. Enrich every event you collect with 130+ out-of-the-box properties.

Ensure data is well-structured

Snowplow’s flexible schema technology allows the capture of both structured and unstructured data ensuring only highly and well-structured data reaches your warehouse or lake.

Optimized to be BI-ready

Data is incrementally modeled in your warehouse of lake with customizable web and mobile dbt models so you can focus on unlocking insight from your data.

Stay in control of data

Maintain data ownership

In today’s privacy-conscious world, data legislation is constantly changing, and is more important than ever to own your own data.

Deploy privately on your cloud

Your Snowplow data pipeline is deployed privately on your cloud keeping you in control of the data and providing full auditability of do-not-track requests.

Set up anonymous tracking

Snowplow’s out of the box privacy tools including IP anonymization and PII pseudonymization enrichment, making it easy to protect your customers’ privacy rights.

Gain a complete
picture of your
customer journey

Overcome browser limitations

On browsers like Safari and Firefox, intelligent/enhanced tracking prevention (ITP/ETP) restricts user tracking to less than 24 hours, making it impossible to capture user behavior across digital assets.

Leverage two years of user data

With Snowplow’s first-party tracking, out the box identity resolution and configurable ID’s, you can track all users for more than two years and feed this data into your models for powerfully predictive analysis.

Eliminate joins in your warehouse

Snowplow’s in-stream transactional and demographic enrichments removes the need for maintaining joins in the data warehouse.

How does it work?

How does it work How does it work

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