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Empower your teams with rich and accurate web data

Efficiently collect, process, and model high-quality behavioral data across all of your websites, web-apps, and mobile web.

A pipeline designed for web-based behavioral data

Our signature SDK provides sophisticated web auto-tracking with automated context capture, and easily extends to map onto your business’ data needs.

Behavioral data
in minutes

From page views to link clicks and form activity, automatically collect a granular dataset reflecting your customers’ actions with out-of-box tracking.


Empower your data professionals to immediately gather insights and power data projects without wasting valuable time preparing the data.

Ensure accuracy and completeness

In a world of ad blockers and ITP, continue to track your customers and their conversion paths without losing more than 20% of your data.

Optimize your web data collection to give your teams richer, more complete behavioral data

Power a truly data-informed business with better
web data

Improve decision-making with data tailored to your business

Don’t settle for pre-defined logic that doesn’t reflect your use cases. Customize your data structure and collection so your teams get the data they need to make more informed decisions and build better products.

Build exceptional real-time data products

From recommendation engines to dynamic personalization, give your teams the real-time web data they need to build and power business-critical data products.

Gain a richer understanding of your customers

Get next-level insights into your customers with Snowplow’s granular data. Each data point arrives with rich contextual data, plus you can expand your events with additional data points from first and third-party sources.

Take your web data collection to the next level

Snowplow lets you collect, validate, enrich, deliver and model your rich, behavioral web data so you can focus on understanding and improving your user experience.

Snowplow provides high-performance, easy-to-use SDKs for all the major web environments. Plus, you can embed Snowplow’s SDKs server-side so you don’t have to pass sensitive data into your front-end.

Snowplow supports a range of configurable enrichments like marketing campaign attribution, GeoIP lookup and referrer parsing—as well as fully custom enrichments.

You have access to a real-time stream of fully enriched event data so you can build real-time applications or dashboards on top of your Snowplow data.

Snowplow offers a range of out-of-the-box destinations so you can leverage your favorite tools and cloud technologies.

Snowplow offers a range of out-of-the-box destinations so you can leverage your favorite tools and cloud technologies.

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