Optimize revenue with complete and accurate data for your ecommerce business

Deliver memorable customer experiences and keep shoppers happy with a flexible behavioral data platform tailored to your business.

Turn shoppers into loyal customers

Make your shoppers feel acknowledged and valued with a service personalized to their needs and preferences. Snowplow lets you collect and manage rich behavioral data about your customers with the flexibility to customize the data to reflect your business, from past searches to understanding the checkout flow.

Recommend products, at the right time

Take action on your data in real-time and gain a competitive edge in a crowded space by serving your customers more effectively. You have access to a real-time stream of high-quality behavioral data you can use to power applications ranging from product recommendation engines to anomaly detection and churn prediction.

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Maximize your marketing efforts

Snowplow gives you full control of your marketing attribution. Define conversion logic and attribution algorithms across your channels and platforms to evaluate how your marketing spend contributes to conversions and sales, and continually adapt your strategy to changing customer preferences.

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Gain complete insight into the customer journey

Customers interact with your business across many platforms and devices. Snowplow lets you capture behavioral data from multiple channels, while preventing gaps caused by ad-blockers and ITP for a complete view of the customer journey.

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Detect and prevent fraud, in real time

Decrease suspicious transactions and increase company revenue and brand value with fraud detection. Run your machine learning models on complete and accurate historical data to compare user behavior to key indicators of fraud and assess when to hold or block transactions, in real time.

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