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Ecommerce analytics


Our Ecommerce Web Accelerators provide deep analytics and insights into the users who are shopping with your brand. This allows teams to optimize the conversion funnel and improve the customer experience for your online store 

Snowplow’s comprehensive tracking provides a detailed view of customer interactions, whether it’s views of recommended products or the use of discount codes in each transaction. Armed with detailed insight, you can uncover new opportunities and trends in customer behavior 

Snowplow’s out-of-the-box DBT package models your data so that it can be used for a range of BI and AI data applications, while our Streamlit visualizations enable you to instantly identify new opportunities for your business.

What to expect

This accelerator helps you build a deeper understanding of customer behavior in your ecommerce store. It uses the following tools:

  • Snowplow – to track events across your ecommerce store
  • Snowflake or Bigquery – to house the tracked events
  • Snowplow’s DBT web package to model your data
  • Streamlit to create your visualizations 

The accelerator takes about 10 hours to complete, and includes the following steps:

Step 1. Set-up and deploy tracking 

Set-up and deploy Snowplow JavaScript tracker to track behavior across your store. 

Step 2. Model your data

Transforms and aggregates the raw ecommerce event data collected from the Snowplow JavaScript tracker into a set of derived tables ready for analysis. 

Step 3. Visualize your data with Streamlit

Create an interactive dashboards using Streamlit to identify trends in customer behavior


Key Outcomes

  • Gain deep insight into customer behavior with Snowplow’s comprehensive tracking.
  • Out-of-the-box readies your data to power BI and AI data applications.
  • Instantly identify new opportunities for your business with our Streamlit visualization.

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