Reliable, real-time email tracking for a panoramic view of your customer lifecycle

Discover how your prospects and customers interact with your marketing and transactional emails.

Actionable email data directly to your
data warehouse

Leverage our webhook integrator and pixel tracker to capture highly-granular data from your preferred ESP provider.

Collect data from
any email
service provider

Snowplow works with any ESP you do through a pre-built or custom integration, so you can understand email performance within minutes.

Capture the complete picture about your user journey

Collect clicks, opens, unsubscribes and more, and join your email data with other data for a more complete view of your customer’s journey.

Increased control
over your
email data

Leverage our pixel tracker to capture your users’ cookie ID on email opens even when you don’t control the ESP. Stitch this data with mobile, web and offline data for a holistic view of user activity.

Empower your business with better email data

Optimize your email data collection and give your teams richer, more complete,
and more accurate behavioral data.

Enable marketing automation with a real-time stream of email activity data

Increase conversions by instantly retargeting users with display ads, personalized web pages or automated emails based on how users interact with your email campaigns.

Keep your digital marketers happy with better attribution

Include email activity data in your marketing attribution so that your digital marketers get accurate insight into email’s impact on users along the conversion funnel.

Create intelligent multi-touch marketing

Build compelling multi-touch campaigns with your complete email activity data so you can prevent message repetition, unwanted touch-points and more.

Discover how Snowplow can drive your business forward with better data


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