Deliver unrivalled learning experiences with Snowplow behavioral data

Capture rich, granular data to understand the preferences, patterns and behaviors of your learners.

Understand how users move through your
edtech platform

Go beyond packaged analytics to gain a complete understanding of how your learners interact across different devices and applications. From time spent on modules and chat conversations to course progress and abandoned lessons, Snowplow lets you track unlimited custom events across all your platforms and channels so you can understand the preferences, patterns and behaviors of your learners.

Measure the quality of your course content

Strike the right balance with your content by measuring effectiveness of course materials through A/B testing, pinpointing where learners get stuck, when they drop off and what content leads to the most engagement.
Gain the insights you need to deliver compelling content from start to finish to increase completion rates, improve the learning experience and identify the optimal moments to convert freemium users into paid customers.

Fine tune your marketing strategy

As your channel mix and user journeys grow more complex, you want to be in control of your marketing attribution. Snowplow gives you full ownership of your complete and unopinionated data, which means you have the flexibility to define conversion logic and evaluate which marketing campaigns most effectively produce paid customers. Dynamically update your data models as needed to serve the evolving needs of your business.

Delight your students with a personalized learning experience

Deliver a learning experience adapted to your students’ needs. With real-time personalization built on top of your rich and granular Snowplow data, you can keep users engaged with content matched to their skill level to ensure more students complete your courses and come back to learn more.

Take a data-informed approach to user retention

The success of your e-learning platform relies on acquiring and retaining users. Leverage Snowplow’s granular behavioral data to uncover and encourage behaviors that drive retention. Design your own churn propensity models and take the right actions at the right time to prevent churn, and easily evolve your data models with Snowplow’s flexible tracking framework to continuously improve retention.

Keep your edtech platform safe, fair and secure

Spot irregular patterns in real time. Identify users attempting to cheat, or use real-time anomaly detection to identify bots, content scrapers or other malicious actors so you can maintain the integrity of your online learning platform.

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