Build a composable CDP with predictive ML modeling

The Composable CDP Data Product Accelerator provides pre-built code, sample data, and step-by-step guidance to build a unified customer view and predict conversion likelihood.

Why use this accelerator?

The value of predictive analytics is increasingly being recognized by data-led businesses with the global market set to increase from $5.29b to $41.52b by 2028.

Despite this, many companies are yet to implement accurate predictive analytics, even for core use cases such as growth forecasting.

The Composable CDP Data Product Accelerator enables you to step up to predictive analytics with ML modeling without the extensive groundwork. 

You can accurately predict conversion events and, using Reverse ETL tools, marketing teams can effortlessly build new audiences and activate them through third-party tools.

Productionalized ML models can then be used to visualize ad campaign performance when synced from your new audiences. 

The model can be built with Snowflake’s Snowpark and Databrick’s MLFlow.

Key metrics and features included are:

  • CPA & conversion rate of ML vs. rule-based campaigns
  • Probability of conversion
  • Ad campaign performance

“Composable CDPs are faster to implement, easier to maintain, and much more easily adapted by the sales and marketing teams the CDP intends to serve. They avoid the constraints of a packaged CDP’s “cookie-cutter” data models. Direct control of the data enables companies to properly represent business-specific data models like products, groups, coupons, artists, etc Snowflake ”

Snowflake | “A Future Proof Customer Data Platform”


Key Outcomes

  • Activate granular behavioral data
  • Predict future conversions
  • Optimize ad campaigns