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Build a deeper understanding of customer behavior across your website to unlock new insights and improve marketing ROI.


Easily access the data that will differentiate your business. The Advanced Analytics for Web DPA is a groundbreaking new way to collect valuable behavioral data from across your website, without the technical overheads.

Armed with this data, you can unlock new insights and empower your teams to make more strategic business decisions.

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What to expect

This accelerator helps you build a deeper understanding of customer behavior on your website, so you can use data to influence business decisions. It uses the following tools:

  • Snowplow – to track web events
  • Snowflake or Databricks – to house the tracked events
  • snowplow-web dbt package – to model raw events into higher level entities like screen views, sessions, or users
  • Streamlit – to visualize the modeled data

Note: This guide uses Snowflake and Databricks, however the snowplow-web dbt package also supports BigQuery, Postgres, and Redshift.

The accelerator takes about 8 working hours to complete, and includes the following steps:

Step 1. Upload sample data
Upload Snowplow’s sample data into Snowflake or Databricks—you don’t need a working pipeline.

Step 2. Model the data
Use snowplow-web dbt package to transform and aggregate raw web event data into a set of derived tables (page views, sessions and users) to make it easier to digest and derive business value.

Step 3. Visualize the data
Use Streamlit or Databricks to visualize your Snowplow data to make it easier to identify patterns and trends.

Step 4. Set up tracking
By setting up web tracking, you can send behavioral data to your Snowplow pipeline.

Step 5. Enrich your data
Add extra properties and values to your collected data.

Step 6. Modeling your own pipeline
Now that you have set up tracking and enrichment on your pipeline and generated some test events, you’re ready to model and visualize your own pipeline data.

To see how to apply this DPA in your business, explore our use case on Advanced Analytics for Web.

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