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Track web-view and native-mobile events for seamless analysis

The Hybrid App Analytics Accelerator gives you a head start on building a holistic view of your app usage with pre-made code, sample data, and a step-by-step guide.

Why use this accelerator?

Understanding how users navigate your apps can be make or break. A staggering 30% of apps fail within the first 18 months (Clarion Technologies), and yet few companies use advanced analytics to optimize and diagnose issues.  

The Hybrid App Analytics accelerator tracks the complete user journey between native mobile code and webviews, creating events with the same structure, session, user, and platform information. As a result, the data is more explainable and easier to model. 

Tracking comes fully out-of-the-box, sending data to your warehouse where Snowplow’s pre-made data models and dashboards uncover new insights into how your app is used.  

Key events included are:

  • Installs
  • First opens
  • App switch from foreground or background
  • App screen is viewed
  • App lifecycle events

“We have multiple devices, multiple platforms, and multiple services. And we needed one tool that would allow us to integrate all of them together.”

Or Levi | Team Lead, Product Analytics at Bizzabo


Key Outcomes

  • Track web view usage as an integral part of mobile apps.
  • Unify data sets for hybrid and mobile apps
  • Get a customer 360