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Enhance security and data quality with server-side tracking

The most reliable way to collect, process and model your server-side behavioral data.

Unlock more value for your business with server-side tracking

Improve performance and data completeness by capturing mission critical events server-side.

Increase data quality with complete data

Gain access to data from API-only services or third party websites and applications for a more robust and complete dataset.

Identify the gaps in your data collection

Losing valuable data because of ITP or ad blockers? Pinpoint how much client-side user data goes missing with complete server-side data.

Ensure sensitive data stays confidential

Collect important data about your business without exposing confidential information client-side.

Server-side trackers optimized for performance
and resilience

Client and server-side data arrive in a common format so you can easily stitch the data together and gain full visibility into your user’s journey through your
website or mobile app.

Break free from pre-defined data structures

Track data from anywhere, in any format. Server-side data arrives in your warehouse in a standardized format ready to combine with your front-end events for analysis and reporting.

Boost website and app performance

Give your team the tools they need to track events with large data payloads from the back-end so you provide a better user experience on your website or app.

Keep your developers happy

Optimized for performance and resilience, server-side trackers are easy to implement and integrate with client-side tracking.

Optimize data delivery for your business

Empower your team to find the optimal combination of server-side and client-side tracking, then easily combine the data into a unified activity stream.

Complete control over your server-side
data tracking

Snowplow’s behavioral data platform empowers you to combine client- and
server-side data tracking to unlock greater value and deliver
better insights.

Server-side sources

Leverage our high-performance SDKs for all the major server environments and capture your mission-critical events server-side.

Collect sensitive data

Collect the data you need without exposing confidential or commercially sensitive data client-side.

Track returns and fraud checks

Track events such as fraud checks and order returns, even when they do not occur in the user’s browser.

Control your environment

Control your entire environment so you can guarantee 100% of events will be sent.

Unified activity stream

Collect data in a similar structure across all environments and easily combine the data into a unified activity stream.

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