Optimize your mobile applications with powerful in-app tracking

Capture, process and deliver rich and reliable data about your mobile app users.

A pipeline optimized for mobile behavioral data collection

Capture the most rich and granular behavioral data with industry-leading mobile SDKs for Android, iOS and React Native.

Flexible tracking evolves with your app

Snowplow’s schema versioning makes it easy to update and change event definitions so you can evolve tracking alongside your app’s development.

Astonishingly rich data, out-of-the-box

Automatically capture screen, mobile and session contexts along with limitless meta-data to understand how users move through your application, and where they drop off.

Gather valuable data about offline users

Snowplow’s local caching enables you to collect data about your customers even when they’re outside of coverage areas.

Empower your teams with higher-quality mobile behavioral data

Optimize your mobile data collection and give your teams richer, more complete,
and accurate behavioral data

Increase retention by delivering memorable in-app experiences

Discover how users move through your app with next level granularity. Find out where users get stuck and when they are most engaged so you can pinpoint how to optimize your mobile experience.

Provide a foundation for better marketing strategies

Empower your marketing and product teams to drive adoption, fuel engagement and get more from their attribution models. Capture rich behavioral data from your mobile platforms with Snowplow to deliver actionable insights.

Engage with your customers in real-time

Deliver personalized offers, content or targeted push-notifications at the right moment to improve customer satisfaction and engagement.

Fix costly tracking errors before shipping your apps

Ever released your app with broken tracking? Give your data team and mobile developers the tools they need to ensure tracking is set up correctly before app releases so you can avoid missing or incorrect data.

Power a truly data-informed business with
better mobile data

Snowplow’s end-to-end data pipeline lets you collect, process, and model your
mobile behavioral data.

Capture screen context, mobile context, and session context with out-of-the-box tracking for easier sessionization.

Leverage our unique user agent parser enrichment to get detailed info about device class, name and brand, operating system and more.

Snowplow integrates with your preferred mobile engagement and deep linking platforms so you can capture marketing and install data for better attribution models.

Raw data with screen views, mobile sessions and users tables

With Snowplow your mobile data is easy to model so you can analyze funnels, engagement and more.

We support automated testing for your tracking with Snowplow Micro so you can feel confident shipping your app updates without costly tracking mistakes.

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