Manage the complexity of marketplaces with Snowplow

Snowplow enables two-sided marketplaces to overcome the challenges of understanding user behavior from distinct user groups for improved analytics and engagement.

Use a tool that’s fit for purpose

Snowplow gives you the flexibility you need to understand distinct behavior on both sides of your marketplace and get a full picture of user journeys. With customizable tracking and flexible data structures you finally have the data you need to understand and optimize your marketplace dynamics.

Optimize user searching and matching

Can your users find what they are looking for? What experience are they getting, and are searches showing the right results? Leverage Snowplow’s powerful event tracking framework to capture the most granular data about your searching and matching functionality to understand and optimize the search experience.

Solve the supply and demand conundrum

Optimize user acquisition and ensure marketplace liquidity with rich, behavioral data that accurately reflects supply and demand in your product categories, locations and more. Get full visibility into both sides of the marketplace so you can ensure the right balance between buyers and vendors.

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

Ensure your marketing dollars are successfully acquiring the right number of buyers and vendors. Track exactly what marketing campaigns and content individual users engage with, tying the data to downstream conversions to understand the true ROI of your marketing initiatives and ad spend.

Enhance the customer lifecycle for both sides

Leverage your behavioral data to understand where users drop off and what makes users come back to your marketplace. Identify problematic categories, geographies, and specific buyer and seller interactions to continuously reduce churn keeping all users happy and active.

Tap into our data expertise for your marketplace

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