The data pipeline your data engineers would build themselves

Why reinvent the wheel when you can leverage Snowplow’s tried and tested technology and free your team to focus on driving value?

A scalable data pipeline built for robustness

Leave pipeline management and upkeep to the experts who built it and rest assured it’s always running smoothly and up to date

Built on an open standard

Snowplow BDP is built on top of best-in-class open source technology leveraged by 10,000s of users, giving you full visibility into every stage of your pipeline with the flexibility to configure and evolve your pipeline as you see fit.

Data quality and QA tooling

Snowplow enables engineers to proactively identify data quality issues as they emerge, with a range of QA tooling and functionality to support your team. This means more time deriving value from data and less time debugging data quality issues.

Zero vendor lock-in

Your data, data models, and pipeline components are yours and yours alone. As everything is built on top of open source technology they’ll remain in place even if you ever decide to switch solutions.

A trustworthy data capability built at speed

Even if you have the technical knowhow and resources to build a data pipeline in-house, is it the best use of your engineering team? Deliver results fast and demonstrate your value.

Let Snowplow take the strain

Building a reliable data pipeline is laborious and time-intensive, sapping valuable in-house resources. We’ve already done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Benefit from quicker time to value

Instead of spending months building your data pipeline, get it up and running in a day and empower your organization with rich, high quality data straight away.

Actionable data in minutes, not months

Snowplow’s out-of-the-box tracking and data models mean your pipeline is operational from day one. Start collecting the data your teams need for their use cases without delay.

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Leverage your favorite technologies

Work with clean, structured, and complete data in your data tools of choice.

Accelerate your data journey with a best-in-class data pipeline

Snowplow’s behavioral data platform gives you the control and flexibility you need while drastically reducing time to value than building it from scratch.


Start collecting behavioral data from web, mobile, desktop, server, IoT, and third-party applications straight away with our plethora of trackers and webhooks.


A lossless pipeline where no events are silently “dropped”. Fully auditably pipeline to audit data quality at each stage.

Real-time stream

We expose a real-time stream of fully enriched event data for you to build real-time applications or dashboards on top of your Snowplow data.

Tools and cloud technologies

Snowplow offers a variety of out-of-the-box destinations so you can leverage your favorite tools and cloud technologies.

Micro and mini

We offer a range of QA tooling to ensure data quality and support automated testing for your tracking.

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