Amazon Redshift, the original cloud data warehouse, now powers mission-critical workloads for over 15,000 organizations worldwide. One of them? Learn how Snowplow delivers the best behavioral data into your Redshift cloud data warehouse, enabling you to better understand and serve your customers.

Amazon Redshift

Snowplow was the only vendor that lets you collect and re-process failed events into Redshift. This means we don’t lose any data

Dani Waxman, Product Manager, Viewbix

Why does Snowplow deliver the best web and mobile data for your Redshift data warehouse?

Rich and granular data

Each event captured by Snowplow has 130+ properties by default, providing you with incredibly rich behavioral data. You can also fully customize events, allowing you to power use cases specific to your organization.

Amazon Redshift - rich and granular data

Low latency load

Snowplow delivers high quality event-level behavioral data to Amazon Redshift in less than 30 minutes, so you can model your data and derive insights faster.

Automatic table evolution

Snowplow is designed to make it easy for you to evolve your tracking over time, as your products and your business requirements evolve. Our Redshift loader automatically creates or updates tables based on any changes you make to your data structures, so you don’t have to worry about breaking reporting or ensuring changes are backwards compatible.

Amazon Redshift - table evolution

dbt models included

We have out of the box dbt models for web and mobile, aggregating the event level data into page views, screen views, sessions and users tables. The fully incremental design ensures you are processing data in the most performant and cost-effective way. They are pluggable, allowing you to add your custom events and entities, custom modeling logic, and custom tables. All data models can easily be configured in our UI, or you can leverage our corresponding dbt packages.

Snowplow + Redshift = Win

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