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Build rich behavioral profiles with a Composable Customer Data Platform

Discover how modern organizations supercharge marketing efforts today and future-proof for tomorrow by building unified, complete, and predictive customer behavioral profiles.

A solution empowered by

The customer
data problem

Marketers know that rich segmentation and personalization are key to capturing and activating customers—but without easily accessible, high-quality, and unified data, it’s incredibly difficult and time-consuming to deliver reliably or at scale.

Packaged CDPs are the traditional solution, yet they carry the risk of creating a siloed copy of customer data, long onboarding times, and rigid data models. No wonder only 58% of companies with a packaged CDP say it delivers significant value (CDP Institute).

With warehouse-native first-party data in real-time, marketers can tap into the full potential of their customer data by predicting their customer’s next best action, delivering consistent and personalized experiences across multiple touchpoints.

of business leaders aim to build a cohesive data ecosystem and standardize data collection.
(Treasure Data)

of enterprises have a 360-degree view of customer data.

of marketers lack confidence in their data.

“Access to first-party data has made our data engineers have more empathy for our marketers, and our marketers are now more willing to provide insight into the campaigns they are running.”

Darren Haken | Head of Data Engineering at AutoTrader

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