Safeguard customer privacy by storing and visualizing consent data

Why use this accelerator?

The news is full of huge fines for infringement of data protection legislation, such as tech giant Meta’s recent fine of €1.2 billion, but smaller companies are also coming under increasing scrutiny and risk fines as well as reputational damage.

Tracking the consent status of your users is an essential step to remain compliant. Snowplow’s accelerator works with your existing Consent Management Platform (CMP) to collect individual marketing consent data for each customer along with each event generated by Snowplow. 

With all your data fully pseudonymized, you can visualize a complete audit trail and change log of each customer, enrich your data models with user-level permissions in your data lake or warehouse, and measure the performance of your CMP.

Key metrics included are:

  • Consent granted/partially granted
  • Consent denied/expired/withdrawn
  • Users by latest consent status over time
  • Marketing opt-in

“We needed to have better control of the data to meet our requirements in terms of compliance and to track more efficiently – in the past, we had to limit our tracking based on what was available.”

Matthieu Di Mercurio | Director of Data Science, Dialogue

Key Outcomes

  • Enable compliance with privacy regulations
  • Maintain customer trust
  • Save time preparing for audits