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Consent tracking for marketing


As behavioral data is increasingly used for data applications across the business, ensuring that customers’ marketing preferences are fully respected is paramount to data privacy and compliance.

Snowplow’s Consent Tracking for Marketing DPA works with your existing Consent Management Platform (CMP) to collect individual marketing consent data for each customer along with each event generated by Snowplow. With all your data fully pseudonymized, visualize a full audit trail and change log of the customer, enrich your data models with user-level permissions in your data lake or warehouse, and measure the performance of your CMP.

What to expect

This accelerator helps you gain transparency into the marketing consent of your customers. It uses the following tools:

  • Snowplow – to track events across either your website or single page application
  • Snowflake or Bigquery – to house the tracked events
  • Snowplow’s DBT web package to model your data
  • Streamlit to create your visualizations 

The accelerator takes about 5 hours to complete, and includes the following steps:

Step 1. Set-up and deploy tracking 

Set-up and deploy Snowplow tracking user consent from your CMP.

Step 2. Apply Snowplow’s PII pseudonymization enrichment

Apply PII pseudonymization to fields that are configured as PII’s to protect the privacy rights of data subjects.

Step 3. Model your data

Run the optional consent module code snippet alongside the Snowplow DBT web package.

Step 4. Visualize your data with Streamlit

Create five interactive dashboards using Streamlit


Key Outcomes

  • Collect individual marketing consent data for each customer along with each event.
  • Easily see a full audit trail and change log of customer consent.
  • Visualise the performance of your Consent Management Platform and overall customer consent.

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