How GetNinjas uses a data-driven strategy to boost conversions by 33% with Snowplow

To transform the user experience and optimize marketing spend, GetNinjas has revitalized their data strategy—and put Snowplow at its center.

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GetNinjas is a Brazilian platform that connects individuals with professional service providers such as electricians, photographers and plumbers. Half a million professionals are registered on the site, and the company fields more than 2 million service requests each year.


The company had aggressive growth ambitions. Yet, in order to grow, they needed to solve two challenges. 

1. Transforming the user experience

GetNinjas had to deliver an outstanding user experience to clients looking for professional service providers (pros), and for the pros themselves. This was essential to ensuring that people could successfully and reliably find good pros—while pros got a steady supply of great customers.

2. Optimizing SEO and SEM spend

Along with a brilliant user experience, GetNinjas wanted to spend smartly on digital marketing to maintain the right balance of clients and pros. Imbalance would lead to dissatisfaction, and risk pros leaving the service due to lack of jobs or clients unable to find suitable pros. Search marketing (both SEO and SEM) was key here.

For both these goals, they needed to get their hands on detailed, structured, granular data, and use it to:

  • Understand the exact level of supply and demand in the GetNinjas market, at any one time 
  • Enable analysts at GetNinjas to ask any question of any point of the customer journey 
  • Slice and dice the data to look into the specifics of any microsegment (e.g. people looking for plumbers in Forteleza on Saturday), as there might be important variations in user experience by category, city, time of day and week and device

The problem was, their existing data was in silos, and couldn’t give them the answers they needed. 


GetNinjas realized pretty quickly that taking control of their data, and having a rich, highly structured data set describing every user action (for both clients and pros), would provide the foundation for meeting both of their growth challenges.

With Snowplow, it’s possible to track every aspect of the customer journey in granular detail, throughout the entire lifecycle, across all platforms and channels—including web, mobile, SMS, push notifications, email, transactions, chat and call center.

Snowplow has given us the power and flexibility to collect and analyze data, making smarter product decisions in ways that would be impossible with other tools.”


The data structure and processing logic is now customized for the business, with a data modeling flow that lets GetNinja segment users by the many dimensions that really matter. Using data created with Snowplow, they can solve growth challenges by driving product development strategy and SEM spending.

The data also enables GetNinjas to drill in and understand the specific portions of each user’s journey, as well as microsegments and larger groups of users. Empowered by data, the product team can drive sustained improvements in the user experience across all aspects of the user lifecycle.

What’s more, the GetNinjas team has built an algorithm to set bid prices in response to both the level of unmet supply and the total expected ROI from that campaign, powered by data created with Snowplow. The algorithm optimizes GetNinjas bid prices on tens of thousands of ad campaigns daily and ensures maximum growth without making a loss on marketing spend.


Thanks to Snowplow, GetNinjas now has full access and control over their rich, granular and well-structured data. Internal data silos have been replaced with a single view of users across platforms and channels, which product and marketing teams can use to continuously improve the user experience and intelligently optimize SEO and SEM spend to drive user growth.

Since implementing Snowplow, GetNinjas has grown 8.6x as a company. The data team—which has demonstrated so much value—has more than tripled. Better A/B testing and data-driven product development have led to a 33% lift in conversion rates for consumers across all of their product categories. And smarter SEM bidding based on data created with Snowplow has led to a 2.2x increase in service requests.

I’m a huge fan of Snowplow! It’s given us the power and flexibility to collect and analyze data, making smarter product decisions in ways that would be impossible with other tools.”


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