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From the beginning, Snowplow has been breaking down barriers. Clearing paths. Creating new opportunities and possibilities with behavioral data.






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Where it all started

Ten years ago, our founders Alex Dean and Yali Sassoon were consulting to companies on how to use behavioral data from mobile apps and websites to inform business strategy.

Yet they kept bumping into limitations. Mainly, that data was “stuck” inside tools like Google Analytics. Data teams were spending the majority of their time trying to extract data from different SaaS platforms, leaving precious little time to innovate. It was time to take action.

Unlocking customer behavioral data at scale

Alex and Yali launched Snowplow to enable every data-driven organization to own and unlock the true value of its customer behavioral data, in their own cloud – freeing data and analytics teams from the constraints imposed by analytics vendors.

Today, thousands of companies like Burberry, Strava, and Auto Trader use Snowplow to fuel AI, advanced analytics, and personalized marketing from their central data platform.

Meet the team

Alex Dean

CEO & Co-founder

Yali Sassoon

Chief Product Officer & Co-founder

Brian Cohen

Chief Operating Officer

John Piekos

SVP Engineering

Alex Lee

SVP Global Sales

Andrew Fink

VP Customer Success

Michele Szabocsik

VP Marketing

Conor Doyle

VP Alliances & BD

Ari Daskalakis

VP Global Sales Engineering

Sam Welch

VP Finance

  • Board of Directors

    Alex Dean

    CEO & Co-founder

    Christopher Lynch


    Yali Sassoon

    Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder

    Matthew Tod

    Non-Executive Director

    Oliver Richards

    Non-Executive Director

    Kevin Dillon

    Non-Executive Director

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