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Data Apps: The Fastest Way to Unlock Value From Your Snowplow Data

Introducing Data Apps
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Snowplow is pleased to announce the launch of a series of pre-built data applications on the Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform (BDP). For the first time, BDP users can access a growing number of pre-built data applications for Snowplow’s most popular use cases, allowing users to deliver high-impact use cases faster.

For the first time, Snowplow is introducing a set of pre-built data apps to the Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform to help you deliver high-impact use cases faster.

Snowplow has a long history of empowering organizations with rich behavioral data in their warehouse or lake to run their own data projects. But with the wide range of customization options available, it’s often challenging to know where to start.

Data Apps are pre-built, self-service analytics tools for end users in marketing, product and data teams to answer questions about their Snowplow data. 

The first Snowplow Data Apps to be released will support digital analytics use cases to understand and analyze customer behavior and marketing performance. 

Many more will follow throughout 2024. Let’s take a closer look at the latest Data Apps. 

Snowplow Data Apps Interface

Explore user & marketing analytics

Last year, Snowplow released Digital Analytics, offering an AI-ready, warehouse and privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics. 

This allowed data and marketing teams to retain the familiar reports and metrics from Google Analytics, including user acquisition, engagement, retention, devices, and user attributes, without facing compliance issues or limited customer visibility.

All of this is made possible by dashboard templates for popular visualization tools such as Streamlit, PowerBI, Tableau, Preset and Superset.

With the introduction of the User and Marketing Analytics Data App, you no longer need to use your own BI tool and can instead access all the interactive dashboards in the Snowplow platform, allowing teams to realize the value of their behavorial data faster. 

All the dashboards are based on Snowplow’s default event tracking and the new Unified Digital dbt package, which provides cross-platform tracking across web and mobile events, incremental sessionization logic and deterministic identity resolution for accurate analytics. 

Understanding the path to conversion with Funnel Builder

To optimize conversion rates, it’s critical to understand the path to conversion. However, performing this type of analysis from the warehouse with SQL is notoriously difficult and often involves a lot of expensive self-joins and complex logic.

With Snowplow’s intuitive Funnel Builder Data App, you can create custom funnels to analyze user progress and optimize conversion rates directly from your warehouse or lake. You can also use it to gain a deeper understanding of user counts, conversion rates, abandonment and completions at every stage of the funnel.

The Funnel Builder is designed to simplify the creation of funnels. You can either use our pre-built funnels based on out-of-the-box Snowplow events such as page_views and link_clicks, or create your own funnels with custom steps and filters, create groupings and use advanced configuration options such as selecting counting strategies.

The Funnel Builder also auto generates the complex SQL in an optimized way for cost-effective querying of your data from your warehouse. 

Want to share the data with another team member? Simply save your funnel to share with other team members, including predefined events, filters and more, or alternatively download it as an SQL query for future investigation. 

The Funnel Builder works with any table that the Snowplow’s Data Modelling user has access to, including atomic.events and derived tables. 

How to get started

Snowplow will continue to expand its Data App library throughout 2024 to enable customers to activate the most popular use cases on the platform. 

If you would like to get started with the Funnel Builder or our Marketing Dashboards, these are available as part of the Snowplow Data Application, Digital Analytics. Request a full demo of our data applications here.

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