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Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Digital Analytics: Four Key Challenges and Solutions

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The world of digital analytics is constantly evolving, bringing with it new paradigms and challenges for businesses to overcome. In a recent webinar hosted by Snowplow, industry experts explored four key themes that are transforming the way organizations approach digital analytics.

Chris Lubasch, Chief Data Officer at Snowplow, David Fisher, Industry Principal for Media, Entertainment & Advertising at Snowflake, and Dumky de Wilde, Senior Analytics Engineer at Xebia, discussed the four topics below during the webinar:

  1. Coping with the pressure of compliance and privacy
  2. The importance of first-party data
  3. Why a warehouse-first approach is pivotal
  4. Embracing real-time analytics and engagement

In this article, we address each of these key issues in more depth and explain how Snowplow’s offerings provide solutions to these challenges.

1. Coping with the Pressure of Compliance and Privacy

Stricter data protection regulations around the globe, including GDPR and CCPA, are increasing pressure on companies to find ways to be compliant with local and international data privacy regulations.

Many companies that previously relied on tools like Google Analytics have faced uncertainty due to data protection authorities scrutiny and changing regulations. To address this issue, companies need to look for long-term alternatives that ensure data privacy and regulatory compliance.

Snowplow addresses these challenges with privacy controls and Private SaaS deployment that enables enterprises to maintain full ownership and control over their first-party data. Because companies manage their customer data in the company’s own cloud environment, Snowplow eliminates the need to share information with external vendors, providing full transparency and control over data processing.

To help companies meet their obligations under GDPR, Snowplow provides a pseudonymization facility, implemented as a pipeline enrichment. Pseudonymization means that a data point that can uniquely identify an individual or reveal sensitive information about that individual is replaced with an alias.

Solution: Embrace Snowplow’s Private SaaS deployment to maintain compliance, transparency, and control over your first-party data. To learn more, read our recent whitepaper.

2. The Importance of First-Party Data

Digital analytics is no longer a second-class citizen in businesses. As companies become more data-driven, they recognize the importance of first-party data that is entirely self collected, owned and controlled. First-party data provides transparency and avoids compliance issues related to third-party data sharing.

By eliminating the need to move customer data to a separate platform, Snowplow ensures that data remains seamlessly integrated, powering marketing initiatives without the burden of additional data silos. Marketers gain rich behavioral data, leveraging Snowplow’s powerful first-party event tracking capabilities, to understand customer behavior and optimize their marketing strategies with real-time insights.

Solution: Snowplow Digital Analytics, Powered By Snowflake – our joint solution providing a modular, turnkey architecture of pre-built, Snowflake-native analytics components to accelerate insights for marketing teams and minimize costly development cycles for data teams.

3. Why a Warehouse-First Approach is Pivotal

In the past, many companies relied heavily on third-party SaaS tools for digital analytics, often resulting in data silos and limited control over data processing. In addition, many companies set different priorities to their digital platforms and treated digital measurement and analytics as second-class citizens. How websites looked was more important, often with immersive and wildly creative ad campaigns that were not properly tracked.

In contrast, businesses today are more data-driven than ever. Marketing teams, in particular, face the constant challenge of delivering highly targeted results.

With the advent of new analytics solutions and technologies emerging, organizations can now take a “warehouse-first” approach, running analytics and other workloads directly from data warehouses like Snowflake. This approach allows data teams to develop their own business logic and mix and match data for advanced use cases such as customer lifetime value prediction and personalization.

In addition, with this warehouse-first approach, teams can leverage their existing investments in data stacks for solutions such as data catalogs, data modeling or visualization.

Solution: Choose a warehouse-first approach, such as Snowplow, to break down data silos and fully control and own your analytics process. To learn more, read our recent article.

4. Embracing Real-Time Analytics and Engagement

In our experience working with clients around the world, it is important to distinguish between real-time analytics and real-time customer engagement. Most digital analytics solutions, including Google Analytics, are not capable of providing a comprehensive real-time data set, either for analytics or customer engagement, which means you have to use multiple tools to get analytics and engagement data.

Snowplow’s customers are able to connect and interact with their customers in real time. This enables them to improve the customer experience through personalization or trigger the right communication at the right time.

Solution: Snowplow’s unique approach provides a single real-time data stream for all analytics (real-time and batch) and engagement, streamlining the process and stack. To learn more, watch our recent webinar.


The landscape of digital analytics is rapidly evolving and organizations must adapt to these changes to remain competitive and compliant. Snowplow’s offerings provide a comprehensive and sustainable solution to the challenges posed by regulatory compliance pressures, third-party data limitations, the adoption of a data warehouse-first approach, and embracing real-time analytics.

To learn more about how Snowplow can transform your digital analytics and customer engagement, we invite you to watch the on-demand webinar. Discover how Snowplow’s innovative platform can power your business with data-driven insights and personalized customer experiences. Take the first step towards a future-proof digital analytics strategy by exploring Snowplow today.

You can watch the on-demand webinar here, and unlock the power of next-generation digital analytics and customer engagement.

Get started with Snowplow Digital Analytics, Powered By Snowflake today!

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