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How to work with data privacy restrictions and still get high quality data

How a first-party approach to data collection can future-proof your data strategy against increasingly tighter restrictions around third-party tools.

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As major web browsers limit the capabilities and speed up the expiry times of third-party cookies, organizations need to think carefully about their data collection strategy. Third-party data collection tools are no longer a reliable source of behavioral data.

By implementing your own trackers on your sites and services and storing cookies under your own domain, you can still collect the rich, complete and accurate behavioral data you need to grow your business. Our data privacy white paper reveals how you can retain control of your data tracking at all times.

Discover what’s possible with a first-party data approach

Identify users and ensure there are no gaps in your behavioral web data

Collect the behavioral data you need to create a single customer view

Future-proof your data collection if and when stricter tracking restrictions come into force

“For us, Snowplow event tracking has replaced Google Analytics, as GA cannot do everything we need, or even a fraction of what we need, such as easily tying data to individual users. With GA we don’t really own the data – and that is important. ”

Alex Beskin | Head of Analytics, Animoto