How Data-First Brands Drive Revenue with Behavioral Data in Real-Time

To be at the forefront, companies must be able to understand and predict customer behavior in real time to influence customer behavior. 

In this webinar, Nick King, CMPO at Snowplow, and Sonali Verma, Director of Business Development at at The Globe and Mail, discuss how data-first brands are putting  behavioral data at the center of their data strategy to drive commercial success, and why data creation is essential to scaling the number of real-time data applications.

What you’ll learn:

• The role of behavioral data in data-first companies

• Why data-first brands need to create data to build real-time data applications

• What role behavioral data played in driving subscriber acquisition and Multi-million dollar increases in ad revenue at The Globe and Mail

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Meet your speakers

Howard Holton

CTO and Industry Analyst


Sonali Verma

Director, Business Development

Nick King

President & Chief Product & Marketing Officer