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Mobile app analytics


Capturing consistent data formats and properties across different platforms can be challenging. Not just across iOS and Android, but also when thinking wider than mobile to include web or server-side data. Understanding how users are interacting with an organization’s mobile application is often constrained by the capabilities of the data collection tool being used, often not offering the flexibility or performance required. Many existing mobile analytics providers are black-boxes, with little insight into how they capture the data and how they then aggregate this for presentation.


To gain traction in many mobile app stores, it is important to retain users who have downloaded free applications with a goal of monetizing them in the future. Being able to collect behavioral user data from mobile devices in a consistent format can be used to more deeply understand how to retain and monetize users. Bringing your data from multiple sources together (web, mobile, server-side) in a consistent format so it can be aggregated together is an incredible opportunity to understand how users are interacting with your organization across multiple channels. Quickly identify parts of the mobile app that are not performing well, and use data to fix them. This allows organizations to optimize and adjust an application’s flow using data from your entire user base, see every event for every user to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Why Snowplow

Snowplow offers highly flexible data collection tools across a variety of mobile platforms (iOS, Android, React Native, Unity) that collect data in a consistent format. The trackers are very configurable to allow you to collect the events you want to know your users are performing. Configure and evolve the analytics to fit your application, allowing you to understand how users are behaving across all your mobile apps and games, stitch them together and focus on retaining your high value users.

Snowplow data allows organizations to drive revenue out of in-app purchases and subscriptions, as well as gain a better understanding of customer lifetime value and user retention.

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