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B2B usage analytics


When businesses build B2B products that are designed to be used by other organizations, there is an increasing demand from those end organizations for product analytics. This poses an interesting challenge as the analytics needs to be presented centrally and separated by organization. Many analytics tools are designed for a single business to consume analytics about their products and services, but don’t allow those same analytical insights to be presented back to their own customers in isolation from their other customers’ data.


The ability to create a ‘partner portal’ for product analytics can be a powerful differentiating tool in an often crowded B2B market. Many organizations are eager to further understand their users’ behaviours, and are often willing to pay for such insight. This offers companies an opportunity to either enhance their existing product or build a complementary product for their end organizations to consume the available data.

By collecting the data as a single source of truth and modelling this data for each organization, it is also possible to create comparisons between organizations, or groups of organizations, that help organizations understand the performance of the tool compared to their competitors. For example, an organization might see a particular performance metric and can be offered a regional benchmark to understand how their performance compares to competitors in a similar geographical area.

Why Snowplow

Snowplow offers unparalleled capabilities in structured yet highly configurable data collection. For example, each event can contain data points that uniquely reflect the organization that is using the product. This flexibility in collection offers the ability to capture highly granular data that can easily be separated when modelling into organization-specific insights. A partner portal can be custom-built on top of this modelled data, safe in the knowledge that the data is isolated from others.