Introducing Snowplow BDP

Snowplow’s Behavioral Data Platform (BDP) creates first-party customer data in real time, built on the open source standard for event tracking. A second-by-second record of user interactions allows any team to power next-gen digital analytics and customer engagement

How behavioral data is created from different digital events

What is a Behavioral
Data Platform?

Anticipate customer intent

Generate behavioral data from web, mobile, IoT and other sources as a real-time stream of events. Behavioral data is the best predictor of customer intent.

Warehouse first for next-gen digital analytics and AI

Gain immediate access to warehouse-native data insights. Shape your unopinionated event stream using Snowplow’s dbt models.

AI- and BI-ready data

Define the data structure and purpose upfront via our UI / API. Automatically test, monitor, catalog and debug against that definition.

Snowplow BDP product diagram

Reliable. Explainable. Compliant. Accurate. Predictive.

Data quality solved upfront

Radically increase data productivity – data arrives in your warehouse or lake ready for AI and BI.

Define your event data structures upfront with JSON schemas.

Decouple events from entities to make evolving the definitions easy.

Validate data upfront against your JSON schemas automatically.

Test tracking with an automated testing suite, sandbox environment and full staging environment.

Create alerts to monitor, debug and reprocess events.

Deeply understand your customers

Out of the box, Snowplow captures the most properties per event of any tool.

130+ descriptive fields: out of the box and appended to every event.

Unlimited entities: can be appended to every event to capture rich contextual information about the environment in which it took place.

Customer 360: bring it all together with our fully customisable identity resolution tooling.

First insights in less than a day

Extensive dbt packages and accelerator guides (DPAs) help deliver Analytics and AI use cases fast.

Out of the box with Snowplow, you get:

Atomic data: a single, unified dataset with one row per event from all sources.

Web/Mobile analytics: tables with one row per page/screen view, session and user. Metrics like time engaged in seconds, vertical scroll depth and channel.

Attribution: tables for spend and engagement by channel and paths to conversion and non-conversion.

And many more, including industry specific packages for media (e.g., video analytics) and ecommerce (product, cart, and transaction tables).

All models can be orchestrated and monitored through Snowplow’s UI.

Enhance workflows, avoid silos

Snowplow is built to help companies manage complex data projects at scale.

Data contracts: our core principle is to be deliberate about the data you create. Schemas allow you to define each event in a human and machine readable way (UI and API access).

Workflows: integrate your data definitions into both data producer and consumer workflows.

Socialize: live events can be easily understood by any stakeholder through our Tracking Catalog which intuitively maps out your data tracking.

Adopt a strong privacy and compliance strategy


ISO27001 certified

A HIPAA-eligible solution

SSO + user permissions

AWS security infrastructure bundle


Each line of data loaded with state of consent at time of capture to best comply with GDPR

Option of deployment in your own VPC for Schrems II compliance

Transform events in stream to one-way hash PII or obfuscate entirely

“We needed better control of the data to meet our compliance requirements and track more efficiently—in the past, we had to limit our tracking based on what was available.”


Fully integrates with your stack

Collect from anywhere. Send to your favorite storage destinations.

Unlock the value of your behavioral data with customer data infrastructure for AI, advanced analytics, and personalized experiences