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Avoid drowning in your data lake

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Learn how to improve quality, richness and analytics of your data

In this white paper, we’ll explore how to prevent your data lake from becoming a large collection of unstructured data from a plethora of sources.

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  • Why you need to focus on data quality, not just capture
  • How to think about your data blueprint before building out your data lake
  • How to future proof your data lake design

“When we started with data lakes, we looked at all the data you can leverage, the analytics there and what the output from this data could be. Snowplow helps us get all those sources of data and put them in the data lakes where each analyst can then leverage what is in the data.”

Romain Thomas, Director of Data Engineering at La Presse


Industries of all kinds are being fundamentally changed by the availability of more data but the volume of data is growing so rapidly that it becomes hard to handle and use effectively.

For many businesses, the solution to the problem at first seems simple – pour all the data into a data lake and let your team swim in it, picking up fresh and actionable insights to deliver an always-on, personalized customer experience.

However, customer insight doesn’t come simply from capturing data in a data lake or data warehouse. Instead you must think about consistent data structure before any of it hits your data lake.

Download the white paper to learn the key decisions you should be making around data and how to manage your data lakes effectively.