Snowflake & Snowplow

Fuel advanced analytics and develop a deep understanding of customers, in real time and at scale, with the combined power of Snowplow’s behavioral data and Snowflake’s Data Cloud.

Understand, predict, and automate
with a Data Cloud-first analytics solution

Place the Data Cloud at the heart of your analytics efforts

Create an understanding of your customers with first-party behavioral data directly in Snowflake.

Generate and consume AI-ready behavioral data

Build highly accurate propensity models or customer centric ML-apps with rich and pre-validated data.

Automate data from a single source of truth

Take action on rich customer data via Reverse ETL to drive more business value at scale.

How does it work?

Stronger together

Snowplow is a Powered by Snowflake Partner. Together, Snowplow and Snowflake’s joint solution helps businesses, data teams and analytics professionals understand customers with near-infinite scalability.

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Create a deep understanding of your customers with Snowplow and Snowflake

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Feed AI-ready data directly to Snowflake to power advanced analytics and AI/ML

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Snowflake and Snowplow solution overview

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Unlock the value of your behavioral data with customer data infrastructure for AI, advanced analytics, and personalized experiences

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