Databricks & Snowplow

Load predictive, AI-ready behavioral data created with Snowplow directly into Databricks, in real time.

Build powerful AI applications
and composable CDPs

Generate deep customer understanding in real time

Across digital touchpoints, define an unlimited number of events and entities, and customize naming conventions and fields to match your analytics requirements.

Harness the predictive power of behavioral data for AI/ML

Make better business decisions, faster, with a consistent level of high-quality data for building AI/ML data applications within Databricks, without preparation.

Create a composable CDP with Snowplow and Databricks

Build a single view of customers within your data lake or warehouse, while accessing the tools you need at each stage in the pipeline.

How does it work?

Hear from Snowplow at 
Databricks Data & AI 
Summit 2022

Learn how being equipped with AI-ready data in Databricks allows data teams to focus on building AI data applications, instead of wrangling data.

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Build powerful AI data applications and composable CDPs
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