Model & Operationalize Behavioral Data

Power interactive data applications and data AI agents with beahvioral data products to realize value faster.

Unlock Insight From Your Snowplow Data

Unlock valuable insights from your Snowplow data using our pre-built data applications. Gain immediate insights for your business with pre-configured visualizations and reports.

The true value of these applications sits within the underlying data models and SQL queries that power them. This allows you to understand how insights are calculated or to use them as a starting point for your own custom data applications.

Digital Analytics

Understand the end-to-end customer journey and unlock essential insights about customer behavior and marketing performance.


AI Agent Event Collection & Analytics

Understand the impact of GenAI on your customers’ behavior.


E-commerce Analytics

Uncover the insights that optimize customer acquisition, improve conversion and drive lifetime value.


Power Your Own AI & BI Projects With Ready-Modeled Data

As one of the world’s largest publishers of dbt models, Snowplow offers a series of dbt packages to incrementally model your unified event stream in your own warehouse or lake. With advanced features including identity resolution, sessionization and deduplication you have accurate AI & BI-ready data to power your projects.

Unified Digital

Our Unified Digital Model is designed to unify journeys across web and mobile, with cross-platform tracking and deterministic identity resolution out-of-the-box.

E-commerce Model

Designed specifically for e-commerce, our model transforms raw web
e-commerce events into derived tables including carts, checkouts, products, transactions and users.

Media Model

Our media model creates derived tables for easier querying of video engagement and advertising performance, including a range of advanced tracking metrics.

Attribution Model

Create incremental derived tables for detailed marketing attribution, including path to conversion, campaign attribution and ROAS.

Seamlessly Stitch Customer Journeys

Accurately identify and stitch the customer journeys in the warehouse with Snowplow’s identity resolution. Leverage Snowplow’s data models to accurately identify cross-device customer journeys, or create your own identity map with our standard and configurable identifiers captured with every web and mobile event.

Incremental Processing

Deterministic Identity Resolution

Cross-platform tracking

Stream to any Downstream Destination

With Snowplow’s event streaming and partner integrations, you can easily stream your enhanced events to downstream destinations like Braze, Amplitude, or any custom destination to power real-time analytics, prediction, or customer experience.