Why use third party data for a first party organisation?

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At the heart of every successful business lies a deep understanding of customers’ needs and behaviors. However, it’s challenging to turn vast amounts of unreliable information from third-party sources into actionable insights. With first-party customer data as the essential foundation, business leaders can gain valuable insights, make better data-driven decisions, and propel exponential growth.

In this webinar, Chris Lubasch, Chief Data Officer at Snowplow, explores the importance of first-party customer data in building a successful data strategy and developing data applications to help you gain deeper insights into your customers. 

Join industry experts and data gurus to learn:

  • The business value of leveraging first-party data to gain better results and make informed decisions that can drive growth.
  • How to comply with regulations and governance policies while future-proofing your data strategy, specifically when it comes to third-party data usage.
  • Technical considerations when applying first-party data to develop robust data apps with real-world use cases

Meet your hosts

Chris Lubasch

Chief Data Officer


Stephane Hamel

Data Privacy & Ethics Consultant

Immeria Consulting Services

Darren Haken

Engineering Director – Platform Engineering and Data

Auto Trader